HCS Foundation announces SeedLAB teams

Published 1:38 pm Tuesday, July 11, 2017


HOOVER – The Hoover City Schools Foundation, a charitable, nonprofit organization created to support Hoover City Schools by funding enhanced academics through grants, scholarships and innovative programs, has announced that a total of 10 teams were selected to participate in the first ‘SeedLAB’ workshop.

The workshop will be held on July 18 and 19 at the Hoover Board of Education Central Office where teams will collaborate on a challenge or problem to be solved, work through the design thinking process to propose a solution, and pitch their idea to the Foundation on Aug. 31.

“We were excited to see so many teams of teachers propose great ideas in their applications for the SeedLAB grants,” Hoover City Schools Foundation Executive Director Janet Turner said. “It’s going to be great to hear more about their ideas during the workshop at the central office, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to further enhance academics in our great school system.”

A maximum of five teams will be chosen for funding of the “SeedLAB” grants, and given the time and resources to collaborate on their solution during the school year.

The 10 teams selected to participate in the workshop include:

Bluff Park Fifth Grade Team

Team leader: Ronda Vines, Bluff Park Elementary School

Team members: Katie Collins, Bluff Park Elementary School; Julie Erwin, Bluff Park Elementary School; Brooke Gossett, Bluff Park Elementary School; Debbie Pope, Bluff Park Elementary School

BMS Science 7

Team leader: Lincoln Clark, Berry Middle School

Team members: Brooke Wingard, Berry Middle School; Katie Hardekopf, Berry Middle School

Homework Club

Team leader: Kathryn Hardekopf, Berry Middle School

Team members: Dana Ricks, Berry Middle School; Madison Gunter, Berry Middle School


Team leader: Kristy Louden, Hoover High School

Team members: Kristen Westwood, Hoover High School; Amy Tew, Hoover High School

Make a Difference

Team leader: Brian Cain, Simmons Middle School

Team members: Kevin Erwin, Simmons Middle School; Jeff Richardson, Simmons Middle School

Mountain Innovators

Team leader: Teresa Von Kanel, Shades Mountain Elementary School

Team members: Julie Altmark, Shades Mountain Elementary School; Audrey Hurdlow, Shades Mountain Elementary School; Amanda Cramer, Shades Mountain Elementary School


Team leader: Geri Evans, Bluff Park Elementary School

Team members: Ashley Waring, Rocky Ridge Elementary School; Meghan Denson, South Shades Crest Elementary School; Nancy McGowan, Bluff Park Elementary School

The Executive Functioners

Team leader: Lisa Cranford, Rocky Ridge Elementary School

Team members: Ms. Lucas, Rocky Ridge Elementary School; Ms. Waring, Rocky Ridge Elementary School

Tour de Force

Team leader: Ashley Dark, Gwin Elementary School

Team members: Dani Berryhill, Gwin Elementary School; Andrea Lynch, Gwin Elementary School; Jasmine Fenderson, Gwin Elementary School

Your Wish My Gift

Team leader: Aquila Malpass, Rocky Ridge Elementary School

Team members: Gayle Morrison, Shades Mountain Elementary School; Adrianna Walker, Brock’s Gap Intermediate School