Smiley Brothers Specialty Foods nearing completion

Published 12:36 pm Monday, July 17, 2017

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“I do have a brother,” Criss Smiley said, “but Brothers is also my mother’s maiden name.”

Close to the intersection of Highway 52 and Huntley Parkway, the Smileys describe their establishment as a place to “invite everyone into their second home.” Jennifer Smiley, Criss Smiley’s wife, who works for Pelham accountant Mike Hamner, is thrilled that Hamner’s firm will be moving here also.

In the building’s center, there is a shared space consisting of amenities for business owners and employees, including a large board room, workout space, locker room, restrooms and an employee entrance revealing the Smileys’ thoughtful planning.

Currently, the building has space for one or two more businesses that will certainly be snapped up quickly.

Entering Smiley Brothers Specialty Foods, the Smileys share details.

“The metal is going to wrap around this overhead structure,” Criss Smiley explains.

“And these walls are going to be aged brick,” Jennifer Smiley adds.

The couple shares their plans for a legacy wall chronicling their family history. The great-grandson of a Pennsylvania butcher, Criss Smiley moved to Alabama for his work as an executive chef and recently retired after a 35-year career.

The Smileys agree that they’ll adjust their offerings based on their customers’ suggestions. Initially, they plan to carry imported and domestic cheeses, ready-to-heat meals, olive assortments, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, in-house marinades, salad dressings and locally-harvested beef, pork and salami.

“In the center, we’ll have the farm table. We’re also offering cooking classes. After we cook, we’ll eat at this table,” Criss Smiley says.

As I snap photos of the couple, I suggest another photo to celebrate the store’s opening.

At Jennifer and Criss Smiley’s invitation to return, I suspect I’ll be one of many charmed by the hospitality of Smiley Brothers Specialty Foods. These engaging and down-to-earth owners are creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers to savor.

Share in the Smileys’ dream by searching Smiley Brothers Specialty Foods. Their social media includes a Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and more. Watch for Smiley Brothers Specialty Foods’ Fall 2017 Opening.