Adding talent to Pelham Schools

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, August 3, 2017

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“Why am I in bus tech?” a student asked.

“That’s an abbreviation for business tech. You’ll study computers and different software programs,” I said.

“Sure, I can do that,” he replied.

Stress-induced confusion is absolutely allowed at registration.

Our Literary Magazine and summer reading table happened to be the place that Pelham High School’s juniors and seniors took stock of their schedules at last Tuesday night’s registration.  Any high school registration is difficult.  At PHS registration, students receive schedules, choose lockers, secure parking permits, and see friends they’ve missed over the summer.

During this one night of registration, students discover the details of their daily routines for the coming school year. Digesting a daily routine, or rearranging that routine, can prove challenging.

In addition to choosing best locker locations, PHS students found new faces to recognize. Former PHS junior and senior counselor Laura Cochran has transferred to Pelham Park Middle School. As students appeared with various questions, we began directing them towards our new counselors and administrators. Soon students were seeking out Mrs. Self, the new counselor serving upperclassmen, on their own.

The first night of registration is always the most difficult because older students have taken many classes making their options for new courses more limited. Juniors and seniors who’ve also found leadership roles in extracurricular activities are eager to correlate with specific classes and academies. Balancing the final years of high school requires commitment and finesse.

This year, PHS is losing a few legends. Theatre teacher Jamie Stephenson takes a position at Vestavia Hills High School and French teacher Courtney Farley will be home with her new baby for a few months before she becomes a part-time French instructor as she also moves to Vestavia Hills High School.

Fortunately, art teacher Kim Harrison’s retirement allows her to work as an adjunct continuing to teach a few upper-level PHS art classes during the coming year.

Although I’ve more new teachers to meet, my excitement about the many new students and parents preparing to add their talents to PCS is immense.