PCS students go back to school

Published 4:16 pm Thursday, August 10, 2017

PELHAM – Like paparazzi waiting to get a photograph of an elusive celebrity, parents of kindergarten students at Pelham Ridge Elementary peered through a closed glass door with cell phones in hand waiting to get a shot of their little one walking to class of the first day of school on Aug. 10.

The school’s Parent Teacher Organization hosted Boohoo Yahoo from 7:30-8 a.m. for parents of kindergarten students. The purpose of the event was either to help ease the sadness or celebrate the happiness of their children starting school. It also provided an opportunity for parents to meet one another.

The event was located in an outside area right across from the school’s gym where children waited to be escorted to their classes by teachers. Parents were treated to coffee, orange juice, muffins, doughnuts and other refreshments as they mingled.

Most parents said their children were eager to start school and that they were the ones with mixed emotions.

Andrea Fisher said her son Justin excitedly exclaimed, “It’s school day!” shortly after he woke on the first day of school.

“He was ready to go,” she said. “He wouldn’t stop talking about it all morning.”

Fisher said the first day of school was bittersweet for her.

“I’m glad that he’s excited,” she said. “He’s my only child so it’s a little sad. I cried on meet the teacher night, but I’ve been doing OK today.”

Angela Malone said a Pelham police officer walked her son into school, which made her feel better.

“He was very excited,” she said. “He didn’t even cry or look back as walked in. He did great.”

Principal Robin Hollingsworth said the kindergarteners among about 905 students at the K-5 school.

“The first day went extremely smooth,” Hollingsworth said. “The school opened last October, so this is actually the first year in this building that we’ve been open on the first day of school.”

This school year also marked other firsts for Pelham City Schools. The newly built Pelham Park Middle School also welcomed students on Aug. 10 and students at Pelham High School were greeted with several campus upgrades, like painting the school, improving signage inside and outside the school and replacing the dumpsters with trash compactors.

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