Pelham joins in on rocks project

Published 11:31 am Tuesday, September 5, 2017

PELHAM – Pelham residents have recently become part of a positive trend that has been sweeping Shelby County. Jenn Hicks, who started the Pelham Rocks project, said she wanted to use the project to spread kindness and happiness around her community.

“Like a lot of nearby communities, Pelham Rocks was put together for the Pelham Community to participate in the fun of decorating and hiding rocks to hopefully bring a smile to someone they possibly don’t even know, hoping someone gets joy from finding someone else’s art and helps brighten their day,” Hicks said.

Hicks said she started the project during the summer after she was inspired by similar projects in nearby cities.

“So many cities around us and across the country are participating, Chelsea, Alabaster and Mt Laurel to name a few, so I thought it was something the city of Pelham could enjoy as well,” Hicks said.

According to Hicks, participation in the project is easy and it is a good way to connect people of all ages.

“Simply find rocks and decorate them however you’d like. Some people use paint, some use paint pens, some even use markers and a sealant to keep the artwork from washing away in the weather,” Hicks said. “Write Pelham Rocks on the back and hide it wherever you’d like. If you find a rock, you are welcome to keep it and replace it with one of your own or relocate it to a new hiding spot for someone else to find.”

“Everyone loves to see photos of their found rocks and see where they end up, so it’s really appreciated if you can take a photo and share it with the Pelham Rocks group on Facebook,” Hicks added.

Since the Pelham Rocks project was created, Hicks said she’s noticed more unity among community members.

“So far, it has helped friends and family get together to paint rocks, which in turn helps them spend more quality time together, which is great,” Hicks said. “They all love finding unique hiding spots for someone special to find their works of art.”