Arrests for the week of Sept. 13, 2017

Published 2:13 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from Aug 30



Aug 30

-Andre Lamar Adams, 38, Bessemer, failure to comply with court orders

-Vicki Heatherly Wilson, 59, Alabaster, alias writ

-Joshua Frantez Lee, 24, Alabaster, probation violation

-Donovan Lewis Carter, 19, Alabaster, possession of marijuana

-Kaylee Ann Harris, 20, Northport, alias writ


Aug 31

-Zoe Faith Hooten, 20, Alabaster, theft of property

-Caleb Tyler Hinton, 21, Calera, public intoxication


Sept 1

-John Ross Machado, 22, Maylene, 48 hour turn in

-Billy James Lawson, 46, Alexander City, warrant with Calera

-Alan Aramis Variste, 30, Pelham, failure to comply with court orders


Sept 2

-Josey Wayne Wells, 22, Montevallo, failure to comply with court orders

-Joshua Scott Blackstone, 25, Maplesville, alias writ


Sept 3

-Mauricio Rosales Torres, 26, Pelham, DUI – alcohol

-Juan Luis Vazquez Castaneda, 20, Alabaster, public intoxication

-Rogoberto Venegas, 55, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol


Sept 4

-Ashly Lyn Matherson, 44, Tuscaloosa, insufficient funds

-Ahmed Faris Alomany, 48, Alabaster, probation violation


Sept 5

-Corey Fletcher Ashcraft, 26, Alabaster, possession of controlled substance

-Jessica Mallory Gunter, 29, Bessemer, theft of property

-Tracy Lynn Honeycutt, 40, Alabaster, public intoxication

-Jayne Sullivan Padgett, 53, Calera, theft of property

-Slade Charles Young, 58, Alabaster, DUI – any substance

-Chelsey Elizabeth McCombs, 27, Morris, alias writ




Aug 30

-Vicki Heatherly Wilson, Alabaster, receiving stolen property

-Jalin Montarius Agee, Calera, discharging firearm in city


Aug 31

-Winford Andrew Richards, Brierfield, FTA


Sept 1

-Daillon Michael Kennedy, Calera, possession of marijuana

-Jaison Allen Swift, Calera, possession of marijuana

-Jessica Leann Wade, Columbiana, agency assist

-Derrick Bernard Taylor, Bessemer, FTA x3

-Jason Ferrell Wilhite, Calera, FTA

-Bruce Wayne Smith, Montevallo, DUI – controlled substance

-Billy James Lawson, Calera, FTA

-George Kevin Emfinger, Calera, DUI – alcohol


Sept 2

-David Allan Haynes, Alabaster, possession of controlled substance

-Sarah Nachole Barefield, Calera, possession of controlled substance

-Curtis Eugene Richardson, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol


Sept 3

-Matthew Wayne Crawford, Calera, DUI – alcohol

-Kenneth Tauren Scott, Oreville, possession of controlled substance-cocaine

-Christopher Lee Wright, Warrior, DUI –alcohol


Sept 4

-Geoffrey Lee Holcomb, Clanton, DUI – alcohol

-Tammy Doreen Thomas, Calera, domestic violence


Sept 5

-Rodrigo Medina Acosta, Jemison, DUI – alcohol




Aug 30

-Christian Lee Hollingsworth, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol


Sept 2

-Belinda Michele Roubdioux, Bessemer, illegal possession of prescription drugs

-Leisa Marie Lyon, Helena, bail jumping

-William Brent Brashier, Maylene, domestic violence

-Gregory John Jones, possession of drug paraphernalia


Sept 4

-Ahmed Faris Alomany, Alabaster, probation violation


Sept 5

-Matthew Mcdowell Jones, Georgiana, prohibition violation






Aug 20

-Christopher Lynn Sharpe, 44, Montevallo, Domestic violence


Aug 25

-Melissa Leigh Bunn, 34, Jemison, agency assist


Aug 27

Kyle Rochester Walker, 37, Montevallo, possession of controlled substance


Aug 28

-Reginald Antonio Frazier, 34, Thorsby, alias writ


Aug 29

-Timothy Dewayne Hudson, 28, Alabaster, agency assist

-April Lynn Bice Lee, 42, Montevallo, domestic violence

-Jesse David Lee, 25, Montevallo, domestic violence


Aug 31

-Christopher Lynn Sharpe, 44, Montevallo, theft of property and attempt to elude police officer

-John Edward Sharpe, 48, Montevallo, theft of property


Sept 2

-Juvenile, Montevallo, DUI – alcohol under 21

-Emanuel Franco, 23, Montevallo, DUI – alcohol




Aug 27

-Brooks Jacob Pretnar, 21, Pelham, possession of drug paraphernalia

-Jessica Lauren Hogan, 34, Pelham, domestic violence

-Leslie Daley, 24, Releigh, NC, possession of marijuana


Aug 28

-Charles Edward Johnson, 62, Birmingham, alias warrant


Aug 29

-Michael Brandon Warnick, 32, McCalla, alias warrant

-Dustin Michael Logan, 21, Warrior, alias warrant

-Rodrigo Mohamed Lopez de Leija, 18, Pelham, trafficking illegal drugs


Aug 30

-Hayden Alexander Alton, 22, Alabaster, alias warrant

-Abel Castillo Bermudez, 28, Hoover, alias warrant

-Clarence William Todd, 25, Birmingham, driving without license and expired tag

-Kaylee Ann Harris, 20, Pelham, alias warrant


Aug 31

-Catherine Grace Peinhardt, 21, Birmingham, alias warrant

-Lisa C Brown, 50, Maplesville, DUI – alcohol


Sept 1

-Robert Earl Bowden, 53, Anniston, alias warrant

-Christopher Eugene Ladner, 35, Maylene, alias warrant


Sept 2

-Rafael Myric Good, 21, Pelham, public intoxication

-Anna Lauren Lowry, 33, Birmingham, alias warrant

-Kasiashane Shane Manciel, 25, Montgomery, alias warrant

-Mumtaz Ghaus Ali, 31, Pelham, domestic violence