Managing life areas

Published 4:57 pm Monday, September 18, 2017

By JOHNNY CARCIOPPOLO / Community Columnist

In order to live a whole, full and complete life, you need to break your life down into categories. What are the categories that are most important to you? Which ones are you most successful in? Where is there a breakdown and you need to recreate?

If you look at one of the categories and see how successful it is, you can rest assured that this area is one wherein you are fully accountable and available.

Have you noticed an area that is falling by the wayside? You might have to repurpose some time and energy from a super successful area, in order to create a life you love that is full of balance and success in all areas of your life.

Create a worksheet for each category in your life. For example, consider beginning with areas of your life similar to the ones listed below.

Cooking, Cleaning, Food shopping, Laundry, Organizing, Scheduling, Finances, Social life, Sleep, Healthy eating, Fitness, Mindfulness, Physical activities and adventures, Travel, Worship, Learning, Civic.

Keep the list fresh by adding other categories as needed as well as removing any that are not suited to you or needed. Don’t forget to include dreams, wishes and bucket lists.

Remember to keep in mind if you’re all work and no play, you are sure to be successful; however, the down side to this is burn-out. If you do anything for too long, burn-out will surely follow.

Here are a few tips to keep the scales balanced:

  • Choose your time to work and stick to it.
  • Decide, how much if at all, time you will spend on work after hours (for example reading emails at the dinner table, taking calls during family time, etc.)
  • Leave work at work.
  • Prioritize your work schedule and your home life will run more smoothly as well.
  • Learn how to delegate.
  • Learn how to say no.

Just like children, we need to schedule free time or play time. We need to be intentional about our time but to understand that while it’s over, it’s time to let it go. Playing for too long can lead to procrastination and loss of structure. Take five-minute play breaks; walk in fresh air, hydrate yourself, do some deep breathing or write in a journal. All of these help to energize your spirit.