Valleydale Church renovates children’s area

Published 9:17 am Monday, September 18, 2017

HOOVER – After renovations performed mostly by church volunteers, Valleydale Church’s children’s program has a new space of its own.

The ministry, which formerly shared space with the student program, hosted an open house for The Castle on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Children’s Pastor Chuck McCammon, who has been at Valleydale for more than 18 years, said he had the idea for a castle theme about three years ago, and the renovations were completed after about a year and a half of work.

“As I thought about a new space, that’s the first thing that came to mind,” McCammon said, adding that the theme appeals to both boys and girls and brings to mind the “kingdom” of God. “It just clicked right away.”

The new space includes a “Great Hall,” which is the large worship area, four classrooms and more.

The rooms were given names that follow the theme, such as “Solomon’s Library.”

The Valleydale Church children’s program serves youth in grades 1-5, averaging about 100 students on a given week.

Retired construction workers who are church members performed much of the work, which allowed the church to save money, McCammon said.

About 100 volunteers total contributed in some way.

The project cost about $200,000, McCammon said.

The pastor thanked all those who volunteered on the project.

Though the castle is officially open, McCammon said new touches will be added in the coming weeks.

“Our hope is really that as kids come in, they’re excited,” McCammon said. “We hope that once they get here and we’ve captured their imagination, we can capture their heart for Christ and build a foundation for their future.”