New ice cream shop rolls into Pelham

Published 2:53 pm Friday, September 22, 2017

PELHAM- Two Pelham business owners are putting a new spin on a classic dessert. Siblings Kash and Kim Rojani opened the Cream and Cones Ice Cream Lounge on Thursday, Sept. 21, at the North Pelham Plaza on Pelham Parkway.

According to Kash Rojani, Cream and Cones is the first ice cream parlor to bring ice cream rolls to the Birmingham area. Kash Rojani said he and Kim frequently travel, and noticed that ice cream rolls have become increasingly popular in cosmopolitan areas like New York City and Atlanta.

Cream and Cones features a live ice cream station, where visitors can watch as their ice cream rolls are being made.

“Regular ice cream is pre-set,” Kash Rojani said. “With rolled ice cream, you can pick your own fresh cream base. Then you can pick whatever flavor or toppings you want. We mash it right in front of your eyes, freeze it and roll it up.”

To make ice cream rolls, Kash Rojani said Cream and Cones relies on a special machine that operates on 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Cream and Cones currently has three base cream flavors: vanilla, chocolate and mixed berry. Kash Rojani said he plans to add green tea, strawberry and mango flavors in the near future.

Kim Rojani said Kash tries making all of the different flavor combinations for the ice cream rolls and tests them before he sells them.

“They are all his creations. He’s tried all of these at home,” Kim Rojani said. “One of our flavors was actually just invented last night.”

In addition to ice cream rolls, Kash Rojani said Cream and Cones offers almost 40 flavors of regular ice cream, regular waffle cones, cones made out of cookie dough, cream frappes, different types of candy and “marble soda,” where a marble has to be popped out of the lid to open the bottle.

Kim and Kash Rojani said Cream and Cones offers a large variety of frozen treats to make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“This is a complete family store,” Kim Rojani said. “We’re going to keep adding new things. Everyone’s wishes can be met here.”

“We’re always happy to bring in creativity and innovation,” Kash Rojani said. “There are a lot of young folks who like new concepts and there are older folks who like the classic ice cream.

For those who don’t like sweets, Kash Rojani said Cream and Cones also serves chicken or shrimp in a waffle cone with a choice of four different sauces.

“You always eat sweet foods out of a waffle cone. You might as well try something that is savory,” Kash Rojani said

So far, Kim and Kash Rojani said feedback from the general public has been overwhelmingly positive and they look forward to becoming a part of the Pelham community. Kim Rojani said she and Kash plan to build a website, but for now, more information about the Cream and Cones Ice Cream Lounge can be found on its Facebook page.