Chelsea City Council hears Compact 2020 update

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, September 26, 2017

By Tony Nivens / Special to the Reporter

CHELSEA – “This is a new approach to this (drug) problem,” Executive Director of Compact 2020 Alan Miller said. “To our knowledge no one else in the country is approaching it this way.”

The Compact 2020 Facebook page reads “Compact 2020 is a county-wide effort designed to address the full spectrum of substance abuse and addiction challenges within Shelby County.”

Among other areas Miller spoke of the adolescent intervention arm of the program in an update at the Chelsea City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

“Our law enforcement community (like others) frequently investigate cases of adolescent substance abuse,” Miller said.

But, when they get to a point where it is known that young people are involved, then comes the difference

“Instead of using that information to make a case, officers call the parents,” Miller said. “We take that opportunity to sit down with the parents and explain exactly the nature of the problem their young person is involved with.”

They offer help instead of jail time.

“Then we try to direct them to the right resources and people who can get them the help that they need.”

And they have ample opportunities to help.

“What we are seeing is that it is an incredibly wide spread problem. It is in every community in the county,” Miller reported.

Compact 2020 hopes for a positive impact on the problem “by giving the parents this first opportunity instead of just bringing everybody into the justice system.”

“We get them an assessment then get them the treatment that they need. We try to catch it early before they become one of those twenty to forty year olds who are in our drug court system,” Miller added.

Miller also reported on:

–The Compact 2020 Chelsea Team formation, progress, and early success.

–County Drug Court and help for older county substance addicts

–A success story from County Compliance Checks

–A new ‘Life Skills’ curriculum for county sixth graders with aims to improve drug prevention in our schools


Other Business of the Chelsea City Council:

–Made a Mayor’s Proclamation of September 2017 as “Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month” in the City of Chelsea.

–Held a public hearing on and passing Resolution 641, “an economic development incentive (of up to $25,000 over a 7 year period) for Chelsea Tire, LLC, to build a permanent, immobile building, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the City of Chelsea and facilitate economic development in the City.”

–Passed Resolution 642 to establish the 2017-2018 Annual Budget for the City of Chelsea.

–Passed approval to pay the bills.