Hoover budget maintains school system funding

Published 2:05 pm Monday, October 2, 2017

HOOVER – A budget approved by Hoover’s City Council for the 2017-18 fiscal year will maintain $5 million in funding for the city’s school system and increase the city’s reserve fund by $100,000.

The council approved the $128 million budget, which was proposed by Mayor Frank Brocato, at a special meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28.

“We’ve worked very, very hard to get to this point,” Brocato said. “Our city is in good shape.”

Brocato and his staff cut about $4 million from the budget that was first presented on Sept. 5.

Department heads were asked to cut their operating budgets by 10 percent to facilitate the slimmer budget.

The reductions were necessary in part because officials expect a decrease in revenue of about $1.6 million short of the budgeted amount for the previous fiscal year.

Other factors in the budget were the opening and operation of the Finley Center, 33 employees were added during the previous fiscal year and debt service increased by about $3 million, Brocato said.

Two positions were eliminated during the previous fiscal year: a battalion chief at Hoover Fire Department and an administrative assistant for the Hoover Police Department.

About $100,000 will be added to the city’s reserve fund for a total of $32 million.

Efforts have also been made to replace overtime pay with work from part-time employees, Brocato said.

Raises for city employees will be put on hold until a compensation study can be performed, according to the mayor.