Police reports for the week of Oct. 4, 2017

Published 3:27 pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The following incidents were reported by municipal police departments from Sept 19 to Sept 24.




Sept 19

-Property damage from 2800 block Smokey Rd

-Property damage from 236 I65 SB (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 100 block 11th Place SW (residence/home)

-Domestic incident and marijuana from 300 block 7th St NW (residence/home)

-Information only report from 236 I65 SB (highway)


Sept 20

-Domestic incident from 1100 block Arrowhead Trl (residence/home)

-Property damage from 100 block South Colonial Pkwy (restaurant)

-Possession of drug paraphernalia and controlled substance from 200 block Falling Waters Way (residence/home)

-Possession of forged instrument and theft of property from 9000 block Hwy 119 (other)

-Information only report from 100 block Blue Spring Pl (residence/home)


Sept 21

-Property damage from Hwy 119/ Hwy 31 (highway/street)

-Illegal possession of credit/debit card from 1500 block Windsor Ct (residence/home)

-Domestic violence and harassment from 100 block Ashford Ln (residence/home)

-Property damage from 500 block 1st St SW (parking lot)

-Trespassing notice and information only report from 1500 block Kent Dairy Road (residence/home)


Sept 22

-Theft of property from 200 block Colonial Promenade Pkwy (other)

-Information only report from 600 block 1st St SW (specialty store)

-Possession of drug paraphernalia from 1300 block Waxwing Trl (highway/street)


Sept 23

-Theft of property from 100 block Plaza Circle (other)

-Domestic incident from 100 block Ashford Way (residence/home)

-Harassment of harassing communications from 1800 block Amberley Woods Way (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 1300 block Royalty Dr (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 1500 block 1st St N (residence/home)


Sept 24

-Possession of marijuana from High Ridge Dr (highway/street)

-Controlled substance and drug paraphernalia from 100 block 1st St SW (highway/street)

-Animal complaint from 800 block Burning Tree Tr (residence/home)

-Barking dogs from 100 block Morning Mist Tr (residence/home)

-Public intoxication from 800 block Navajo Tr (residence/home)




Sept 13

-Permitting dogs to run at large from CR 16

-Incident from 100 Calera Eagle Dr


Sept 14

-Harassment from Camden Cove

-Runaway juvenile from 201 Bonnieville Dr

-Additional information from 201 Bonnieville Dr

-Agency assist from AL Hwy 70 @ Kensington Blvd

-Breaking and entering vehicle from 8040 Hwy 31

-Drug paraphernalia from 500 2nd Ave North

-FTA from 10947 Hwy 25

-Agency assist from 60 CR 87

-Harassment from 210 Oakwell St

-FTA from 380 McDow Rd

-Domestic violence from 968 Savannah Ln

-Warrant arrest from CR 42

-Theft of property from 5100 Hwy 31

-Incident from 501 Castlebury Ln


Sept 15

-Theft of property from 300 block Union Station Way


Sept 16

-FTA x 9 from 1032 Montgomery Hwy

-Domestic violence – rape from 1284 Kensington Blvd

-Incident from CR 12

-DUI – controlled substance from 10200 block Hwy 31

-Harassing communications from 1253 Kensington Blvd


Sept 17

-Incident from 192 Renwick Ln

-Public intoxication from Hwy 31 @ Metro Dr

-FTA x 2 from Hwy 119 @ Triple G Dr

-Incident from CR 84/ Anglewood

-Drug paraphernalia from Hwy 31 @ CR 151

-Property damage from 5262 Hwy 70

-Domestic incident from 1885 CR 84

-FTA from 10947 Hwy 25

-Theft of property from 80 Green Acres

-Domestic violence from 7984 Hwy 25


Sept 18

-Marijuana from I65 228 MM NB

-Marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and tampering with physical evidence from I65 228 MM NB

-Domestic incident from 8975 CR 22

-FTA from 10947 Hwy 25

-Incident from 13646 Hwy 25

-Failure to appear switch tag from 10947 Hwy 25

-Incident from 11691 Hwy 25


Sept 19

-Lost property from 10947 Hwy 25

-Incident from 159 Creek Run Way

-Marijuana from CR 22 / Summerchase

-FTA from I65 MM 232 SB

-Forgery from 8370 Hwy 31


Sept 20

-Follow up from 8370 Hwy 31

-Agency assist from 300 block 11th St

-Menacing from 800 block 10th St

-Domestic violence from 100 block Creek Stone Tr

-Incident from 159 Creek Run Way



Sept 13

-Theft of property from Hwy 93 (residence/home)

-Fraudulent use of credit/debit card from 800 block Hillsboro Ln (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from Macqueen Circle (other)

-Failing to appear


Sept 14

-Theft of property from Coalmont Road (parking lot)

-Damage to property from 400 block Park Lake Terrace (residence/home)

-Theft of property from Hollow Ln (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from 500 block Rosebury Rd (residence/home)

-Lost or stolen property from 100 Sports Complex Dr (other)

-Domestic incident from 100 block Hillsboro Ln (residence/home)


Sept 15

-Domestic violence from 300 block Appleford Road (residence/home)

-Theft of property from Hollow Ln (residence/home)

-Information only from Bridlewood Ter (residence/home)


Sept 16

-DUI – alcohol from Hwy 261 at Cunningham Dr (highway/street)


Sept 17

-Theft of property from Coalmont Road (restaurant)

-Attempt to commit a controlled substance crime from Coalmont Rd (restaurant)

-Property damage from Hwy 52 at Mullins Dr (highway/street)

-Criminal mischief from 7900 block Wynwood Lane (highway/street)

-Violation of a protection order from 1700 block Native Dancer Dr (residence/home)


Sept 19

-Information only report from 100 block Oak View Lane (residence/home)

-Information only report from 100 block Oak View Lane (Residence/home)

-Harassment from Pup Run (residence/home)


Sept 20

-Drug paraphernalia and marijuana from Hwy 261 / Starky Street (highway/street)

-Disorderly conduct from Chateau Dr (residence/home)

-Accidents involving death or personal injuries from Roy Dr @ Hwy 58 (highway/street)

-Marijuana from Hwy 17 (convenience store)

-Criminal mischief from 6000 block Madison Place (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from 1200 block Southwind Dr (residence/home)


Sept 21

-DUI – alcohol from Exxon 17/58 (parking lot)


Sept 22

-Criminal mischief from Park Lake Terrace (residence/home)

-Property damage from Hillsboro Pkwy (school/college)


Sept 23

-Violation of domestic violence protection order from Ruffin Park (other)

-Duty to give information and render aid from 7200 Hwy 13 (highway/street)


Sept 24

-Harassing communications from 9000 block Brookforest Circle (residence/home)

-Harassment from 200 block Tucker Rd (other)


Sept 25

-Domestic violence from 100 block Cedar Bend Dr (residence/home)


Sept 26

-Theft of property from River Crest Way (residence/home)




Sept 19

-Criminal mischief from Spring Creek Road (residence/home)


Sept 20

-Domestic incident from Evansville Circle (residence/home)


Sept 21

-Theft of property from Salem Road (field/woods)


Sept 24

-Breaking and entering vehicle and theft of property from Island Street (parking lot)


Sept 25

-Information only-property damage from Hwy 25 @ Hwy 155 (highway/street)

-Domestic violence from Moody Street (residence/home)

-Possession of drug paraphernalia from Moody Street (residence/home)



Sept 17

-Miscellaneous from 1000 block Amphitheater Rd (other)

-Miscellaneous from 100 block Cedar Cove Dr (Residence/home)

-Theft from 2100 block Pelham Pkwy (grocery)

-Wanted person from 20 block 15th St N (govt bldg.)


Sept 18

-Lost property from 400 block Oak Mountain Cir (drug store)

-Theft from 2900 block Pelham Pkwy (other)

-Identity theft from 600 block Admin Dr (residence/home)

-Death investigation form 1300 block Huntley Apartment Dr (residence/home)

-Public intoxication from 600 block Cahaba Valley Rd (convenience store)


Sept 19

-Breaking and entering vehicle from 2200 block Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)

-Stolen property received from Pelham Pkwy & Hwy 52 W (highway/road)

-Public assist from 1900 block Chandalar Ct (residence/home)


Sept 20

-Drugs from 2300 block Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)

-Burglary from 100 block Windsor Ln (Residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from Plaza Pines Mobil Home Park Lot 3 (residence/home)

-Drugs from 2000 block Valleydale Rd (highway/road)


Sept 21

-Theft from 5000 block Whitling Dr (parking lot)

-Wanted person from 600 block Admin Dr (jail)

-Fraud from 600 block Admin Dr (govt bldg.)

-Theft from 400 block Hwy 52 W (residence/home)

-Wanted person from 2000 block Valleydale Rd (jail)

-Wanted person from Shelby County Jail (govt bldg.)

-Wanted person from Birmingham City Jail (govt bldg.)

-Drugs from 1900 block Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)


Sept 22

-Breaking and entering vehicle from 600 block Cahaba Valley Rd (service station)

-Property damage from 100 block Yeager Cir (parking lot)

-Drugs from 2500 block Panther Cir (school/college)

-Wanted person from 600 block Admin Dr (jail)

-Fraud from 30 block Philip Davis St (residence/home)

-Drugs from 1900 block Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)

-Theft from 3100 block Pelham Parkway at Home Dept (parking lot)

-Property damage from 600 block Valleyview Dr (residence/home)

-Theft from 1300 block Callston Way (residence/home)

-Property damage from 1000 block Stoneykirk Rd (highway/road)


Sept 23

-Disorderly conduct from 600 block Cahaba Valley Rd (parking lot)

-Domestic violence from 100 block Crestmont Ln (residence/home)

-Public intoxication from 3100 block Pelham Pkwy (parking lot)

-Civil dispute from 100 block Heather Ln (residence/home)