SCHS homecoming parade brings community together

Published 5:32 pm Monday, October 9, 2017

COLUMBIANA – Shelby County High School students participated in one of many long-standing traditions with the annual Homecoming Parade on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 5. The parade began in front of Elvin Hill Elementary School and ended on North Main Street in Columbiana.

This year’s parade’s theme was “Close the Bank, the Wildcats are on Holiday,” and featured students who were involved in school, athletic, scout and other community groups.

Teacher of the Year Soli Lilly and Student Choice Teacher of the Year Ashlyn Kuyrkendall served as the parade’s grand marshals.

“This is to bring the community together,” parade coordinator Twyla Fryer said. “Columbiana is one of the few cities that continually does a parade each year, being the small town that we are.”

Leading the parade were SCHS students with special needs, who were holding the parade’s banner.

“I think this is great. Individuals with a developmental disability or delay are part of every part of life,” community member Elizabeth Ward said. “The city of Columbiana having these students hold the banner shows that everyone contributes to the community in a special way.”

Fryer said this was also the first year in recent history that the SCHS football teams were able to be included in the parade.

“Since the parade was not on game day and did not interfere with the schedule, we made arrangements and had three trailers for the team to ride on,” Fryer said. “We received many comments from the community. They noticed the difference and were very excited about it.”

Fryer said the parade is part of SCHS’s overall homecoming competition, and students from each grade from ninth through 12th represented a different holiday. The juniors’ New Years’ themed float took first place, followed by the seniors representing Independence Day, the sophomores representing Thanksgiving and freshmen representing Day of the Dead.

Shelby County Board of Education Vice President Peg Hill referred to the day of the parade as “one of the most fun days at Shelby County High School.”

“(The students) use their art skills and teamwork to work all week to design and plan the floats,” Hill said.

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