Divorces for the week of Oct. 11, 2017

Published 2:58 pm Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The following divorces were granted in Shelby County from Aug 16 to Sept 16.


Aug 16

-Kelly Alridge of Sterrett and Dustan Alridge of Sterrett

-Fredy Barragan-Ortega of Pelham and Angela Jaramillo of Birmingham


Aug 17

-Katherine Robertson of Birmingham and James Robertson of Birmingham

-Jerry Lewis of Columbiana and Saconda Lewis of Columbiana


Aug 18

-Dena Barnett of Sterrett and Joshua Barnett of Leeds

-Ruby Fleming of Vincent and Paul Parker of Harpersville

-Rhea Edmonds of Helena and Samuel Edmonds of Helena

-Sylvia Jones of Pelham and David Jones of Pelham

-Austin McGuire of Pelham and Kayla McGuire of Bessemer

-Mary Tolleson of Columbiana and Randy Tolleson Jr of Columbiana


Aug 21

-Craig Johnson of Montevallo and Courtney Johnson of Montevallo

-Windie Wheeler of Sterrett and Brian Shirley of Sterrett


Aug 22

-Michael Giddens of Alabaster and Patricia Giddens of Montgomery

-Nikoal Bruner of Alabaster and Robert Bruner of Calera

-Patricia Papalardo of Pelham and Rodrigo Papalardo of Hoover

-Yelena Sox of Helena and Claude Balit of Helena

-Heather Hipp of Chelsea and James Hipp of Chelsea

-James Bruce of Oford and Krystal Bruce of Birmingham


Aug 23

-Samantha Robinson of Chelsea and Travis Robinson of Alabaster

-Erin Mann of Alabaster and Versie Mann of Alabaster

-Denise Prince of Alabaster and James Prince of Hoover

-Wesley Chiarella of Alabaster and Meghan Chiarella of Calera


Aug 24

-Stacia Stewart of Sterrett and John Stewart of Sterrett

-Whitney Smith of Alabaster and Jason Smith of Bessemer


Aug 28

-Angela Russell of Maylene and John Russell of Maylene

-Virginia Thorn of Birmingham and McMurray Griffith of Montevallo

-Lauren Kramer of Calera and Casey Kramer of Erie, Pennsylvania

-Alan Woods of Birmingham and Rebeccah Hazen of Pelham


Aug 29

-Karli Bush of Birmingham and Jason Bush of Birmingham

-Scout Compton of Alabaster and Amanda Compton of Alabaster

-Herbert Jarvis Jr of Montevallo and Tammy Jarvis of Montevallo

-Corey Beane of Columbiana and Brittnie Beane of Columbiana

-Heather Biggio of Pelham and James Biggio of Birmingham


Aug 30

-Melissa Bruner of Helena and Timothy Bruner of Helena

-Purvi Vaghela and Mitesh Vaghela of Birmingham

-Jose Leon of Alabaster and Magvis Leon of Alabaster

-Yolanda Zamora-Diaz of Pelham and Pablo Martinez-Jimenez of Pelham


Aug 31

-Stuart Moore of Mobile and Margo Andrews of Mobile

-Jason Woods of Chelsea and Carrie Woods of Chelsea

-Joseph Isbell of Vandiver and Jacqueline Isbell of Vandiver


Sept 1

-Thomas Bratina of Helena and Jennifer Bratina of Helena


Sept 7

-Michael McKenzie of Helena and Jennifer McKenzie of Hoover

-Duana Shears of Alabaster and Anthony Shears of Alabaster


Sept 6

-Terry Headley of Shelby and Margaret Headley of Shelby

-Daniel Cataldo of Sterrett and Jennifer Cataldo of Columbiana

-Bettye Cox of Wilsonville and Douglas Cox of Westover

-Alicia Littleton of Alabaster and Brian Littleton of Alabaster


Sept 8

-Leann Kimbrel of Alabaster and Andrew Kimbrel of Vestavia


Sept 10

-Martin Novak of Helena and Monica Novak of Pelham


Sept 11

-Donnis Guy of Birmingham and Christopher Guy of Childersburg

-Andrew Black of Calera and Katrina Black of Calera

-Kaley Thomason of Montevallo and Christopher Thomason of Glendale, AZ


Sept 12

-Kathey Hairston of Helena and David Hairston of Helena

-Steven Cornelison of Helena and Carrie Cornelison of Roswell, GA

-Susan Robbins of Clanton and Thomas Robbins of Chelsea


Sept 13

-Rochard Bell of Birmingham and Lawanda Bell of Hoover

-Jonathon Yale of Helena and Ashlea Yale of Helena

-Tamara Freeman of Birmingham and Marvin Freeman Sr., Union City, GA

-Crystal Howell of Columbiana and George Howell of Columbiana

-Anne Marie Held of Birmingham and James Robinson of Hoover

-Frederick Simon of Cordova and Patricia Simon of Calera

-Angela Moore of Columbiana and Terry Partridge SR of Columbiana


Sept 14

-Jason Mirabito of Birmingham and Lindsey Mirabito of Birmingham

-Rita Jablonski-Jaudon of Indian Springs and Randy Jaudon of Indian Springs


Sept 15

-Andretta Barlow of Birmingham and Reginald Barlow of Trussville