Marriages for the week of Oct. 25, 2017

Published 4:43 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The following marriage licenses were granted in Shelby County from Oct 9 to Oct 13.


Oct 9

-Cody Geeslin of Calera to Noelle Williford of Calera

-Elodia Hernandez of Altoona to Cruz Bolanos of Altoona

-Matthew Franklin of Birmingham to Emily Lightsey of Birmingham

-James McDonald of Alabaster to Nia Herridge of Alabaster


Oct 10

-Hilary Flippo of Birmingham to Jeffrey Ragsdale

-Matthew Wells to Maylene to Ashley Passmore of Maylene

-Tina Littlefield of Vincent to Michael Callan of Vincent


Oct 11

-Garrett Grater of Sterrett of Ryan Hopson of Columbiana

-Austin Herring of Alabaster to Krista Henderson of Birmingham

-Brian Musgrove of Helena to Vivian Hardwick of Alabaster

-Michael Wright of Alabaster to Ricky Davies of Alabaster

-Edward Spencer of Cocoa Beach, FL to Cynthia Vinson of Birmingham

-Matthew Hall of Montevallo to Barbara Lewis of Dora


Oct 12

-William Huggins of Auburn to Morgan Dial of Auburn

-Dakota Britt of Columbiana to Melany Saxon of Columbiana

-Stanton Costes of Alabaster to Victoria Rice of Alabaster

-Allien Brown of Montevallo to Brianna Adaway of Montevallo

-Todd Jones of Pelham to Morgan Palmer of Pelham

-Jonathan Sanders of Helena to Whitney Horton of Alabaster


Oct 13

-Michael Smith of Sterrett to Tina Osborn of Sterrett

-Stephanie Blankenship of Calera to Timothy Wyatt of Clanton

-Jason Browning of Calera to Stephanie Dollar of Calera

-Nicholas Stermer of Montevallo to Breanne Blake of Montevallo

-Warren Henley of Pelham to Stephanie Bowen of Pelham

-Jerica Russell of Chelsea to Joshua Bennett of Chelsea

-Benjamin Thompson of Montevallo to Cynthia McDaniel of Montevallo

-William Stracner of Sterrett to Melissa Thrasher of Sterrett

-Brenda Caldwell of Columbiana to Christopher Ivey of Columbiana

-Shana Reach of Alabaster to Matthew Arnold for Guntersville

-Gregory Silas of Birmingham to Susan Durrence of Birmingham

-James Davis of Jemison and Monica Newbill of Jemison