SouthWest Water wins top awards for wastewater plant operation

Published 2:20 pm Thursday, October 26, 2017


SouthWest Water Company has captured the top two awards for Outstanding Operation in 2016 of its Riverview and North Shelby wastewater treatment plants.

The Riverview facility was awarded the “Best Operated Wastewater Plant” in 2016 in its category, and the North Shelby facility took second place with the “Award of Excellence” in the same category.

Both plants serve residential and commercial customers in Shelby County.

The awards are given each year by the Alabama Water Pollution Control Association and recognize excellence in plant operation.

The AWPCA, founded in 1946, is Alabama’s oldest environmental organization made up of wastewater treatment professionals. The AWPCA “Promotes the advancement of practical knowledge of water supply and treatment of potable water as well as the reclamation of wastewater.”

The awards were announced recently at the organization’s 72nd annual conference.

“We are very excited and honored to receive these prestigious awards, which demonstrate the professionalism and expertise of our dedicated employees,” SWWC Managing Director Craig Sorensen said.

SouthWest Water Company, delivering water solutions since 1925, is an American-owned company with nationwide resources and local management decision-making.

SouthWest Water Company helps communities challenged with water utility management and system performance to deliver the best quality water and wastewater treatment possible.

More than half a million people in Alabama, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas depend on the company for solutions in water production and wastewater treatment.

With Alabama headquarters in Shelby County, SouthWest Water Company provides a broad range of water and wastewater treatment services including maintenance and management services, water production, treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, customer service and utility infrastructure construction management. SouthWest Water Company believes that, “With Water Comes Responsibility.”