Sheriff’s reports for the week of Nov. 1, 2017

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The following incidents were reported by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from Oct 16


Oct 16

-Domestic investigation from Hwy 406 (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 31100 block Hwy 25 (convenience store)

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block Hwy 453 (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 500 block Liberty Ridge Rd (residence/home)

-Criminal trespass and attempted burglary from 2000 block Stone Brook Dr (residence/home)

-Criminal trespassing from 2300 block Hwy 39 (school/college)

-Harassment from 2300 block Hwy 39 (school/college)

-Property damage from 5400 block Caldwell Mill Rd (school/college)

-Harassing communications from 500 block Meadow Drive (residence/home)

-Criminal trespass from Vapor’s Thrift Store 5443 Hwy 280 (commercial)

-Theft of property from 100 block Clear Springs Way (residence/home)

-Reckless endangerment from 100 block Vick Dr (field/woods)

-Miscellaneous incident from 5400 block Palomino Trl (residence/home)

-Community notification violation from 0 block Ford Drive (residence/home)

-Identity theft from 6000 block Hwy 280 (residence/home)

-Burglary from block of Anglers Lane (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 30000 block Hwy 25 (specialty store)

-Burglary from 2500 block Hwy 71 (residence/home)

-Found property from 9300 block Hwy 47 (highway/street)

-Domestic violence from 3200 block Retreat Cir (residence/home)


Oct 17

-Criminal trespass from 10000 block Hwy 11 (school/college)

-Miscellaneous incident from 4700 block Hwy 280 (gas station)

-Death investigation from 6500 block Rock School Rd (residence/home)

-Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia from Vapor’s Thrift Store 5443 Hwy 280 (commercial)

-Domestic investigation from 0 block Sheila Point (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 19000 block River Drive (residence/home)

-Burglary from 1800 block Smyer Lake Rd (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 6000 block Hwy 71 (residence/home)

-Fire investigation from 2200 block Massey Rd (residence/home)

-Domestic violence harassment from 100 block Autry Dr (residence/home)

-Harassment and criminal mischief from 2600 block Hwy 17 (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 2000 block Hwy 25 (parking lot)


Oct 18

-Property damage from 4700 block Hwy 280 (gas station)

-Missing person from 400 block Inverness Lane (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block Stoneridge Lane (residence/home)

-Reckless endangerment from 1200 block Hwy 441 (field/woods)

-Miscellaneous incident from 0 block Clearsprings Way (residence/home)

-Theft of property and criminal trespass from 2000 block Smokey Road (other)

-Domestic violence from 300 block Lake Chelsea Court (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 500 block Kinnebrew Drive (other)

-Missing person from 500 block Kinnebrew Drive (residence/home)


Oct 19

-Miscellaneous incident from 1100 block Ashford Lane (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 100 block Bentley Cir (residence/home)

-Menacing from 1200 block Egg & Butter Road (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 0 block Ozley Rd (church)

-Miscellaneous incident from 0 block Autry Dr (residence/home)

-Harassment from 5300 block Hwy 280 (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 200 block Forest Lakes Dr (residence/home)


Oct 20

-Miscellaneous incident from CR 42 and CR 37 (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 16000 block Hwy 280 (department store)

-Burglary from 100 bock Clear Springs Way (residence/home)

-Possession of marijuana from 16000 block Hwy 280 (department store)

-Negotiating worthless instrument from 1600 block Hwy 56 (residence/home)


Oct 21

-Theft of property from 520 Kinnebrew Dr (residence/home)

-Runaway from 520 Kinnebrew Dr (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 300 block Vantana Drive (residence/home)

-Civil dispute from 380 McDow Rd (jail/prison)

-Miscellaneous incident from 4600 block Hwy 71 (convenience store)

-Miscellaneous incident from Monte Bello Ln (residence/home)


Oct 22

-Domestic investigation from 5100 block Colonial Park Rd  (residence/home)

-Suicide from Brantleyville Ln (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 12100 block Hwy 55 (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 0 block Greenleaf Dr (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from Valleydale Rd @ Caldwell Mill Rd (highway/street)

-Domestic investigation from 1200 block Heatherbrooke Rd (residence/home)

-Sexual abuse of child less than 12 years old from US 280, I 459, I 65 (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 0 block McGuire Rd (field/woods)

-Domestic violence from Forgotten Lane (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 3000 block Brook Highland Cir (residence/home)


Oct 23

-Possession of marijuana from 200 block Woodbury Drive (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 400 block Pool Rd (residence/home)

-Property damage from CR 74 / Shelby Forest Rd (highway/street)

-Assault from 2300 Hwy 39 (school/college)

-Death investigation from 5000 block Mountain View Pkwy (residence/home)

-Burglary from 19000 block Hwy 280 (commercial)

-Death investigation from 1000 block Dunnavant Pl (residence/home)

-DUI-controlled substance from Hwy 145 @ Hwy 42 (highway/street)