Marriages for the week of Nov. 15, 2017

Published 2:41 pm Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The following marriage licenses were granted in Shelby County from Oct 23 to Nov 3.


Oct 23

-Hannah Byrnside of Montevallo to Dustin Johnson of Montevallo

-Tiffany Dunning of Calera to Jerome Prince of Calera

-William Champlin of Columbiana to Ashton Hale of Columbiana

-John Shaw of Helena to Brittany Gordon of Helena

-Clayton Jews of Vandiver to Jeanette Johnson of Ashland

-Steven Tucker of Vincent to Amber Ingram of Vincent

-Daniel Compton of Pelham to Jamie Easton of Pelham


Oct 24

-Gary Griffith of Calera to Pamela Carthen of Calera

-Jordan Colburn of Calera to Sarah Pearce of Calera

-Stephen Depue of Birmingham to Samantha Rhoades of Centreville

-Michael Sutton of Birmingham to Janice Ingle of Birmingham

-George Walker Jr of Pelham to Jennifer Woods of Birmingham


Oct 25

-Frederick Jones of Calera to Valarie Hawkins of Calera

-Charles Holcombe of Columbiana to Maria Dos Santos Bento of Birmingham

-Justin Byrd of Columbiana to Victoria Wolfgong of Columbiana

-Vincent Joiner of Columbiana to Jessica Helms of Columbiana


Oct 26

-Jarrett Moore of Montevallo to Robin King of Calera

-Billy Murphy of Maplesville to Elizabeth Moore of Maplesville

-Kelsey Rocco of Birmingham to James Cook of Birmingham

-Aaron Blackledge of Denham Spring, LA to Allison Crow of Alexandria


Oct 27

-Wesley Stephens of Helena to Misty Floyd of Helena

-Donald Goodwin of Shelby to Rita Goodwin of Shelby

-Donald Spain of Alabaster to Julie Gortney of Alabaster

-Celia Hildago Garcia of Alabaster to Raul Rivera Alberton of Alabaster

-Danielle Barron of Pelham to Anthony Naro Jr of Pelham

-William Woodall of Pelham to Brandy Brooks of Birmingham

-Michael Martinez of Birmingham to Tamala Nelson of Birmingham

-Darrell Strickland of Alabaster to Sondra Shaner of Alabaster


Oct 30

-Joseph Wilson of Montevallo to Celsie Reagin of Montevallo

-Christopher James Jr of Calera to Alexis Jones of Calera

-Adam Wren of Chelsea to Krista Tucker of Chelsea

-Christopher Marques of Birmingham to Ashley Stewart of Birmingham


Oct 31

-Suliasi Makasini Jr of Birmingham to Emily Ohayaon of Birmingham

-John Bailes of Goodwater to Deborah Gariffo of Talladega

-James Thrash of Maylene to Kayla Horton of Maylene

-Matthew Patmon of Columbiana to Amber Rouse of Columbiana


Nov 1

-Juan Ramos of Alabaster to Lindsay Lide of Alabaster

-Justin Wadsworth of Birmingham to Shelby Tanner of Birmingham

-Amanda Sudduth of Pelham to David Smith of Birmingham

-Louis Reaux of Shelby to Peggy Olschewske of Shelby

-Anthony Kirchikov of Pelham to Kaci Brasher of Pelham


Nov 2

-Cameron McFall of Elrod to Lisa Dodson of Columbiana

-Christopher Radka of Birmingham to Stephanie Pannell of Moody


Nov 3

-Derick Pickett of Montevallo to Cairistiona Britton of Montevallo

-Deanna Leras of Alabaster to Adam Irvin of Alabaster

-Adam Lucia of Columbiana to Lauren Bailey of Columbiana

-Jesse Vohler of Sterrett to Raymond Williams of Birmingham

-Dennis King of Wilsonville to Janet Martin of Wilsonville

-Thomas Ponder Merrell of Columbiana to Jennifer Parker of Columbiana

-Meghan Zoll of Chelsea to Keven Johnson of Chelsea