ACS surprises teachers with extra compensation checks

Published 3:12 pm Friday, November 17, 2017


By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – Meadow View Elementary School first-grade teacher Bevin Gambill had a look of shock as Alabaster Board of Education President Adam Moseley asked her if she knew why members of the School Board were visiting her classroom on the morning of Nov. 17.

“Do you know why we’re here?” Moseley asked Gambill.

“I do not,” a wide-eyed Gambill replied.

“Oh good, that makes it more fun,” Moseley said with a laugh.

Moseley, Alabaster School Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers, School Board member Derek Henderson and several Alabaster City Schools central office employees then thanked Gambill for her role in educating the city’s students and presented her with a surprise extraordinary compensation check – Much to Gambill’s delight.

“Thank you all so much. This is such a nice surprise,” Gambill said with a smile.

Gambill was one of hundreds of Alabaster City Schools employees who received hand-delivered checks on Nov. 17. While this is the fourth consecutive year the school system has provided extraordinary compensation checks to its employees, school leaders did not announce when they were distributing them or how much the checks would be this year.

Each ACS certified employee, which includes most teachers, received $600 checks, and classified employees, such as support staff and school resource officers, received $300 checks. By the time the checks were hand delivered, the funds were already in the employees’ bank accounts.

MVES first-grade teacher Kimberly Shelby said the surprise check will help greatly during the Christmas shopping season.

“Oh my!” Shelby said with a smile after Vickers delivered her check. “This is going to my 3-year-old for Christmas.”

MVES kindergarten teacher April Brower also had an immediate use for the surprise funds.

“I just registered for my last grad school class last night, and this will help out so much,” Brower said.

The day was filled with hugs, laughter, dancing and even a few tears as the group made its way to each school to deliver the checks.

MVES kindergarten teacher Jennifer Minner said the checks represent more than just extra cash.

“We appreciate this every year,” Minner said. “Most of all, we appreciate being appreciated.”