Sheriff’s reports for the week of Dec. 6, 2017

Published 3:01 pm Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The following incidents were reported by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from Nov. 17 to Nov. 21


Nov. 17

-Public intoxication from 220 block of Forest Lakes Parkway, Sterrett (highway/street).

-Disorderly conduct from 2300 block of HWY 39, Chelsea (school/college).

-Miscellaneous conduct from 400 block of Old Oak Cove, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Menacing from 5000 block of Lee Street, Birmingham  (residence/home).

-Theft of property IV from 400 block of River Hills Business Park, Birmingham (parking lot/garage). Stolen was an Alabama Car valued at $45.37.

-Civil dispute from McDow Road, Columbiana (jail/prison).

-Death investigation from 100 block of Wakota Trail, Wilsonville (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 400 block of Brook Highland Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic violence/harassment from 800 block of Meadow Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic violence-menacing from Chism Circle, Montevallo (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 1000 block of Little Turtle Drive, Birmingham (parking lot/garage).

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from 1000 block of Dunnavant Valley Road, Sterrett (parking lot/garage).

-Theft of property from 5100 block of Shamrock Drive, Helena (residence/home). Stolen was US Currency valued at $6,000.

-Theft of property of 100 block of Branchwater Way, Maylene (residence/home). Stolen was a 2012 Suzuki GSX-R750.

-Promoting prison contraband III from McDow Road, Columbiana (jail/prison).

-Unauthorized breaking and entering of a vehicle from 5000 block of HWY 61, Wilsonville (parking lot/garage).


Nov. 18

-Property damage from Old HWY 280 near Mt. Zion Church, Westover (highway/street). Damages at an unknown value were done to a 2013 Hyundai Genesis.

-Domestic investigation from 0 block of Sparin Drive, Alabaster (residence/home).

-Leaving scene accident from 5300 block of HWY 280, Birmingham (highway/street).

-Miscellaneous information from 0 block of Dogwood Hill Drive, Leeds (restaurant).

-Death investigation from Brantleyvile Court, Maylene (residence/home).

-Property damage from 34000 block of HWY 25, Wilsonville (highway/street).

-Criminal mischief III from 3000 block of Chelsea Park Ridge, Chelsea ( other/unknown). Damages valued at $250 were done to an electrical conduit.

-Domestic investigation from 5000 block of HWY 280, Birmingham (service/gas station).

-Lost property from County Road 41, Birmingham (highway/street).

-Domestic violence-harassment from 100 block of Cripple Creek Lane, Sterrett (residence/home).

-Domestic violence-harassment from 3200 block of Buck Horn Cove, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic violence III/harassment from 100 block of Austin Circle, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 3000 block of Tall Timber Drive, Birmingham (residence/home). Stolen was a 870 Remington 12 gauge shotgun.

-Unauthorized use of a vehicle from 400 block of Old Oak Court (residence/home) Stolen was a generator, hand tools, and a hunting fanny pack valued at $1,200.

-Failure to appear from 1400 block of Spring Avenue, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Property damage from 7100 block of County Road 47, Shelby (commercial).

-Assault from 13000 block of HWY 17, Montevallo (service/gas station).


Nov. 19

-Miscellaneous incident from 3600 block of Stratford Way, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block of HWY 87, Calera (service/gas station).

-Civil dispute form 3200 block of Mountain Ridge Circle, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 1000 block of Eagle Lake Circle, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 900 block of Meadow Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic investigation from Old HWY 280, Sterett (highway/street).

-Domestic investigation from 200 block of HWY 307, Shelby (residence/home).

-Criminal trespass III from 40 block of Horn Drive, Shelby (residence/home).

-Domestic violence III from 2000 block of County Road 57, Vincent (residence/home). Stolen were items valued at $35.

-Adult sex offender from 16000 block of HWY 280, Chelsea (service/gas station).

-Trespassing from 2500 block of County Road 71 (residence/home).

-Driving under the influence from Camp Branch, Alabaster (highway/street).


Nov. 20

-Criminal mischief from 16100 block of HWY 42, Shelby (residence/home).

-Harassment from 0 block of Kinnebrew Drive, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Theft of property IV from 4600 block of HWY 280, Birmingham (commercial).

-Possession of marijuana from 600 block of Matador Drive, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Rape I from 16000 block from HWY 280, Chelsea (restaurant).

-Burglary from 2000 block of HWY 57, Vincent (residence/home). Stone was a Xbox 360 and controllers, Playstation IV and controllers, various games, and a flat screen television valued at $2,850.

-Theft of property from 1900 block of Rock School Road, Harpersville (residence/home). Stone was a trailer valued at $1,299.

-Burglary from 2000 block of Valleydale Road, Birmingham (residence/home). Stolen was a Xbox and controller valued at $320.

-Theft of property from 2000 block of Lakeside Drive, Birmingham (residence/home). Stolen was a gun valued at $800.

-Domestic violence-harassment from 16100 block of HWY 42, Shelby (residence/home).

-Unlawful breaking and entering from 100 block of Branch Drive, Chelsea (residence/home). Stolen were sunglasses valued at $200.

-Theft of property from 700 block of HWY 31, Alabaster (parking lot/garage)/ Stolen were car batteries and covers valued at $700.

-Miscellaneous information from 2500 block of Blue Springs Road, Wilsonville (residence/home).

-Burglary III from 5700 block of Hunt Cliff Road, Birmingham (residence/home).


Nov. 21

-Domestic investigation from 300 block of Griffin Road, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Unauthorized use of a vehicle from 700 block of Carl Raines Road, Birmingham (other/unknown).

-Civil dispute from 1800 block of Stone Brook Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Death investigation from 4900 block of Mountain View Parkway, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Duty upon striking unattended vehicle from 3000 block of Regent Park Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 1100 block of Sumner Drive, Columbiana (residence/home).

-Missing person from 1000 block of Brookhighland Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 100 block of Ashford Circle (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 5400 block of HWY 280, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from 5400 block of Hwy 280, Birmingham (hotel/motel).

-Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia from 5400 block of HWY 280, Birmingham (hotel/motel).