HBA Spotlight: Farmers Insurance – The Clint Neville Agency

Published 12:49 pm Tuesday, December 12, 2017

BY JOHNNY CARCIOPPOLO / Community Columnist

Helena’s branch of Farmers Insurance – The Clint Neville Agency opened its doors just over a year ago. The agency is owned by Navy submarine veteran and Helena Business Association member Clint Neville, who describes what sets them apart in the world of insurance.

“I’ve whittled what we do down to four big-picture tasks, and I try to accomplish two or more of these in every action we take,” he said. “Whether it’s marketing, attending an event, writing new business or reviewing a policy for a client, we maintain consistency and authenticity by holding on to these core principles.

The first and most important thing the agency does is provide knowledge and education about insurance, Neville said. Regardless of whether someone purchases a policy from them, the client is going to leave the office empowered to make better decisions regarding their coverage needs.

“We also take the time to proactively communicate with our clients,” he said. “It’s common for individuals and businesses to purchase a policy and then never hear from their agent again. That doesn’t happen with us. We know that life can change a lot, and we’ll meet at least annually to ensure your coverage keeps pace with those changes.”

Neville said it’s also important to make real connections with clients and the community. “People are trusting us with their most valuable investments, and in many cases, the care of their family’s future. Forging strong bonds with our clients allows us to maintain an acute awareness of their needs,” he said.

In addition to connecting as individuals, the agency connects with the community.

“We love being a part of Helena, and some of my favorite work is what I do with the county and city schools,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to have been allowed to speak and teach on career development and entrepreneurship to some of our next-generation leaders.

“Finally, at the heart of everything we do is fun. I like to tell people, ‘We’re professionals, but just barely.’ We take our jobs and your coverage needs very seriously, but we try to make every experience with our agency an enjoyable one.”

You can reach them for a thorough review of your current policies and needs analysis at (205) 664-1944.