Albert L. Scott celebrates at annual Holiday Party

Published 4:43 pm Wednesday, December 13, 2017

ALABASTER – Kids from Alabaster and surrounding areas took train rides, met Santa and Mrs. Claus and decorated gingerbread cookies at the Albert L. Scott Library’s annual Holiday Party, which was held from 10 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

“It’s to give the community a chance to have fun with a variety of holiday events,” Youth Service Librarian Frances Smith said.

While she is unsure of the exact year the Holiday Party started, Library Director Nan Abbott said the library has been hosting it for over two decades.

In past years, the Holiday Party’s main event was a horse-drawn carriage ride. However, Smith said the library decided to feature mini, trackless train rides that took kids all over the library’s parking lot instead. According to Smith, the train rides allowed more people to have more fun.

“We thought it would be fun alternative,” Smith said. “Because the train has eight cars, we can allow more people ride and people can have fun faster.”

“We are really liking the train,” said Jennie Bunton, who was dressed as an elf to entertain riders. “The train holds more people, the line goes along more quickly and people like it just as much,”

Alabaster resident Valerie Fesh, who brought her daughter, Ginny, said they came with Ginny’s kindergarten readiness class at the local YMCA. Fesh said she and her daughter enjoyed all of the activities at the Holiday Party, especially riding the train, and wee appreciative of the library for hosting the event.

“This time of the year is so special and it makes it more special for them to have activities that are inexpensive or free,” Fesh said. “These kids are going to remember this. This is making memories.”

Alabaster residents Eston and Carol Bradley, who brought their granddaughter, Charli, said they enjoyed how the Holiday Party brought so many people together to celebrate Christmas.

“First of all, there were tons of kids. The second thing is the history,” Carol Bradley said. “The Holiday Party has been here for so long. They know what they’re doing. This is simple and it’s an old-school Christmas event. Everyone was so warm and nice.”

With the high being 54 degrees Fahrenheit outside, Smith said the weather turned out to be great for the event.

“It turned out to be a perfect day because it’s not too hot and not too cold,” Smith said. “It’s not raining or snowing. It’s sunny outside.”

Abbott said she was also pleased with this year’s turnout and library staff received plenty of positive feedback from parents.

“I thought it had a great turnout,” Abbott said. “We had a lot of compliments and ‘thank yous’ from the community. We just love it.”