Country music star Thomas Rhett films latest music video in Helena

Published 2:52 pm Monday, December 18, 2017

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA–For those that enjoy listening to popular country music singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett, his latest hit single music video “Marry Me” will look awfully familiar to Helena residents.

Rhett, who has been a staple in country music the last few years, released his third studio album “Life Changes” on Sept. 8, and the song “Marry Me” is one of the more popular songs included in the 14-song track list.

The song centers around a man that never reveals his true feelings to a woman he has known since childhood. He has strong feelings for her but as they get older, she eventually marries someone else and he tries to deal with the pain.

The official music video was released on Sunday, Dec. 17, and the city of Helena is featured in several scenes in the nearly 4-minute long video.

A scene depicting a high school football game was filmed at Helena High School’s Husky Stadium featuring HHS football and cheerleading uniforms, T-shirts and more.

Helena High School Principal April Brand said the film production company contacted the school and after getting permission from the Shelby County Schools central office, the music video was filmed at the stadium.

As the video progresses, a well-known Helena restaurant is shown.

Gus’s Hot Dogs is depicted in the video as the local hangout spot for high school students the Friday night after football games. The signature red booths and classic American food can be seen in a lively, celebratory atmosphere.

Gus’s Hot Dogs has been in Helena 17 years and owner Frank Sciara said producers of the video contacted the restaurant a few weeks ago about filming the scene and Sciara fired up the grill.

“They contacted the restaurant and came in and asked if it would be ok if they filmed some of it here and I said ‘heck yeah sure,’” Sciara said. “They had the storyline together and were in here for about four hours. They actually used high school kids from here in the video. We had Helena Police Explorers eating in here too and I just told them to stay and be in it.”

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