Marriages for the week of Jan. 3, 2018

Published 5:03 pm Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The following individuals were issued marriage licenses in Shelby County from Dec. 18 to Dec. 22


-Larry Wheat Tew, 57, and Gayla Renee Van Dusen, 62, Calera.

-Christian Ralph Sheetz, 45, Winter Haven, FL and Mary Elizabeth Wildes, 56, Huntsville.

-Frank Timothy Vosnick, 44, Alabaster and Aubrey Michelle Jones, 43, Birmingham.

-Jabe Cody McCoy, 30, and Erica Lena Colby, 40, Birmingham.

-Johnathan Everett Collins, 25, Tuscaloosa and Brittney Shamika Taylor, 26, Alabaster.

-James Edward Daugherty, 28 and Tonya Bolton Hipps, 56, Birmingham.

-Arlon Wade Simmons, 33, Calera and Christyn Nicole Carpenter, 25, Maylene.

-Kimeisha Bouillonnee Crum, 32, Calera and Jonel Demetrick Dates, 34, Calera.

-Jessica Lynn Fudge, 24, Altoona and Eli Fayte Joiner, 24, Columbiana.

-Randal Lee Adams, 47, Helena and Connie Mouzette Gardner, 50, Calera.

-Zachary Allen White, 40 and Elizabeth Anne McSorley, 39, Farifax Stati, VA.

-Enrico Anthony Caporaso, 34 and Aman Preet Kaur, 26, Louisville, KY.

-Ivan Loyd Glaze Jr., 67 and Penny Colvin Bullock, 57, Birmingham.

-Taylor Kenneth Feitz, 22, Kennesaw, GA and Alexandria Willis, 22, Helena.

Ashleigh Elizabeth Reeves, 27 and Eric Davis, 28, Birmingham.

-Austin Ryan Braden, 23, Shelby and Brittani Arycka Morris, 23, Calera.

-Adam Christopher Kowalczyk, 24, Clinton, MS and Ellen Lee Scott, 22, Pelham.

-Montoya Randolph Ulises Estrada, 19 and Peralta Maria Guadalupe Flores, 19, Thorsby.

-Constance Faith Edgerton, 18 and Noah Thomas, 23, Pelham.

-Patrick Charles Griffin, 41 and Jerri Patterson Ledet, 46, Jemison.