What did Alabaster’s schools do for School Board Appreciation month?

Published 10:43 am Friday, January 12, 2018

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – The five members of the Alabaster Board of Education earned praise from students and administrators for their visibility in the city’s schools during a Jan. 11 meeting, while each school made a donation to the Alabaster Education Foundation in the board members’ honor.

“A school system is only as good as the quality of the board members who sit at this table. When you have a quality school board like we do, great things happen,” said Alabaster School Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers. “They are professional and courteous, and they are always thinking about what is best for our teachers and students.”

Continuing an annual ACS tradition, administrators and students from each of the city’s schools took turns praising School Board members Adam Moseley, Ty Quarles, Linda Church, Derek Henderson and John Myrick.

“We are glad we are able to honor you tonight,” said Creek View Elementary Principal Charissa Cole, noting the school’s PTO provided lunch from Joe’s Italian at the School Board’s recent retreat.

CVES also donated to the ACS Foundation and donated three books to the school’s library in the board members’ honor. Cole was joined by Garrison Shipman, who showed the BOE members a video thanking them.

Meadow View Elementary School Principal Rachea Simms said the school also donated to the ACS Foundation, and also donated books to the school’s library in honor of the School Board.

She was joined by students Brooklyn Nichols and AJ Shaw.

“You are truly everywhere in our schools,” Simms said. “We would not be able to do what we do without you.”

Thompson Intermediate School provided breakfast for the School Board retreat, made a donation to the ACS Foundation and gave the board members giant thank-you cards made by TIS students. TIS Principal Brent Byars was joined by students Brooks Byars and Tivet Dominguez.

“People don’t realize how much you guys do,” Byars said. “What you do, it truly shows how much you care for the teachers, staff and children at our schools.”

Thompson Sixth Grade Center Principal Daniel Steele thanked the BOE for its work to establish the city’s school system, and said the school had made a donation to the ACS Foundation in the board’s honor.

“People are wanting to move to Alabaster and work in Alabaster. Y’all are putting Alabaster on the map,” Steele said. “I appreciate all you invest in ACS.”

Thompson Middle School presented the School Board with donuts, and also made a donation to the ACS Foundation.

“What I value so much is your visibility in our schools,” said TMS Principal Neely Woodley. “Our students know who you are, and I appreciate you for that.”

Thompson High School’s administrators presented the BOE with gift bags and a student-made video thanking the School Board members. THS also made a donation to the ACS Foundation.

“You are just amazing leaders and people who care so much about our kids,” said THS Principal Dr. Wesley Hester. “The foundation for this school system was laid by you guys.”