SBMC, Tower Imaging acquire advanced CT system

Published 11:27 am Monday, January 22, 2018


ALABASTER – Shelby Baptist Medical Center and Tower Imaging now offer a new advancement in imaging with the Siemens 64-Slice Somatom Perspective – an advanced computed tomography system available for evaluating and treating patients.  The new system can quickly scan any region of the body for injury in just seconds, providing some of the essential information needed to evaluate patients that present to the ER with possible internal injuries.

In addition to improvements to CT scan time, Shelby Baptist Medical Center and Tower Imaging said they expect to significantly increase exam capacity – which means more patients can receive the testing they need quickly and then can be referred for the next step of their treatment or discharged from the hospital.

In an emergency room setting, when every second counts, the Siemens 64-Slice scanner is designed to allow physicians to quickly identify injuries to the internal organs and make a more confident diagnosis, according to the hospital.

“Shelby County residents now have immediate access to some of the best CT technology available today,” said Dr. Ben McDaniel, radiologist on staff at Tower Imaging.  “For patients in emergency situations like motor vehicle accidents, this may prove to be lifesaving technology due to the system’s ability to deliver precise images of bones, organs and internal bleeding than older, less advanced CT systems.  For patients with blood clots, infections and diseases like cancer, early diagnosis with the Siemens 64 may result in a much faster treatment and improved outcomes.”