MVES kindergarteners reach 100th day of school

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

ALABASTER – Kindergarteners at Meadow View Elementary School found a creative way to celebrate an important milestone and practice their counting skills during their 100th day of school on Tuesday, Jan. 30.

The students and teachers dressed up to look like senior citizens and kicked the day off by parading throughout the school for parents and siblings.

“They dress up to look like they’re 100, said Julie Howanitz, who coordinated the 100th day of school events with fellow teacher April Brower. “We like to parade around the school because they’re all so cute when they’re dressed up.”

According to Principal Rachea Simms, commemorating the 100th day of school is a long-standing tradition for kindergarten classes.

“This is an annual event that we celebrate with our students to say that we’re 100 days smarter,” Simms said.

Students also spent the day participating in several activities centered around the number 100. Howanitz said her class hunted for 100 Hershey’s Kisses that were hidden throughout the classroom, sang songs and read books.

“It’s just a fun way to celebrate,” Howanitz said.

Both Howanitz and Brower said it also helped the students practice their soft math skills.

“Counting to 100 is part of the report card, but it’s also something they aspire to do,” Brower said.

Brower said the 100th day of school is also a lot of fun for teachers, as well.

“It incorporates that sense of community, which excites the children. The teachers have about just as much fun dressing up as the students,” Brower said.

Student Emma Smith said she enjoyed all of the activities during her 100th day of school, and especially liked dressing up. She even made a fake Life Alert button to make her costume more authentic.

“I dressed up like a grandma with these glasses,” Emma said. “If I fall down, the ambulance will come and get me.”

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