KCS kindergarten’s ‘Construction Day’ marks 100th day of school

Published 5:30 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2018

ALABASTER – Tuesday, Feb. 6 officially marked the 100th day of school for kindergarteners at Kingwood Christian School, which was celebrated as “Construction Day.” Teachers Julie Kennemer and Alisha Crepps said students had been building up anticipation for the celebration by counting the days and practicing their soft math skills.

To commemorate the event, students divided up into teams, rotated through different stations, and built structures out of different materials including popsicle sticks, blocks and cups. While they were working, the students’ projects underwent safety inspections by their peers.

“By doing these activities, it makes learning new things fun, but it also reinforces what they’ve already learned,” Kennemer said.

Crepps said the activities gave the students an opportunity for hands-on learning and focused on science, technology, engineering, art and math.

“Today is all about putting numbers together,” Crepps said. “We believe that they should be actively doing as much as possible with their hands.”

Students Leah and Pearson said the especially liked being able to learn about how to hammer nails into wood. Despite accidentally hitting herself with the hammer at one point, Leah said she was proud to have hammered in two nails.

Kinnemer said she and Crepps enjoyed watching the students learn and have fun with each activity.

“When they’re excited about what they do, it makes it fun for us, too,” Kinnemer said.

KCS Principal Ruth Gray commended Crepps and Kinnemer for finding such an innovative way to get students excited about learning.

“This is so creative. It never ceases to amaze me, the creativity of kindergarten teachers,” Gray said. “They always find a way to make learning fun.”

To view or purchase more photos from the KCS construction Day, visit Shelbycountyphotos.com.