Land transactions for the week of Feb. 21, 2018

Published 1:48 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from Feb. 5-9:

Feb. 5

-Clayton Nordan to Clayton and Antoinette Nordan for $15,000 for Lot 12 of Hubbard and Givhan Subdivision.

-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sweet Home Charm LLC for $120,000 for Lot 17 of Dearing Downs IX addition phase III.

-Marilyn, Craig, Daniel, and Amy Hansome to Michael and Tammy Wells for $260,000 for Lot 16 of Audubon Forest.

-Sue Williams to Reinaldo Cuellar for $10,000 for Lot 11-12 of JH Dunstan of the Town of Calera.

-Phillip Gamble to Daniel Donaldson for $36,654 for Lot 21 of Birmingham Junction.

-Cynthia and Jeremy Donahoo and Crystal Mugovero to Jose Soriano and Lucilia Torales for $7,000 for property.

-Donald Watson to Jason and Michael Valenti for $12,000 for property.

-Debra Short to Johnathan and Sarah Spain for $115,000 for Lot 10 of Farris Smith.

-Jarrod and Elizabeth Greer to Donavon and Lisa Stricklett for $239,000 for Lot 9-102 of Chelsea Park IX sector.

-Danny and Niki Dambro to Jonathan and Annika Prince for $382,000 for Lot 41 of Forest Meadows I sector.

-Sylvia Taylor to Sylvia and Randall Taylor for $18,675 for Lot 1 of Lake Lake Farms Estates.

-Andrea and Derek Oleen to Andrea Oleen and Jennifer Dolence for $91,150 for Lot 2025 of Old Cahaba V VI sector.

-Linda Hall to Larry and Rebecca Bolding for $139,000 for Lot 42 of Stonecreek phase III.

-Jason and Misty Edmonson to Unity Christian Center Inc for $265,000 for Lot 2 of Edmondson Family Survey.

-SB Dev Corp to Benny Stanley for $375,100 for Lot 2051 of Glen Iris at Kilkerran phase III.

-Melvin Jackson to Kevin Felton for $133,000 for Lot 238 of Camden Cove West sector II.

-Clayton Properties Group Inc to Christian Cummings and Rachel Moorehead for $579,045 for Lot 16 of Altadena Ridge.

-Sharon and James Fuhrmeister to Michael and Lesa Palmer for $550,000 for property.


Feb. 6

-Lyndal Martin to Kirsten and Rachel Reeves for $100,000 for property.

-Edward Calvin to Teresa Tucker for $126,500 for Lot 579 of Forest Lakes X sector.

-Benjamin and Heather Stewart to Ned Batchelor and Lisa Satterfield for $222,000 for Lot 542 of Lake Forest V sector.

-Mary David, Catherine Abikhaled, David Kassouf, and Frances David or $484,000 for Lot 454 of Caldwell Crossings sector IV phase II.

-David Asafir to Rufus Murray for $141,900 for Lot 159 of Old Ivy phase I.

-West Children LLC to Global Project Birmingham SW LLC for $948,000 for property.

-SB Dev Corp to Brock Point Partners LLC for $555,000 for Lot 97 of Brock Point.

-Alabama Property Company to Alabama Power Company for $26,060 for property.

-Alabama Property Company to Alabama Power Company for $23,897 for property.

-Joseph Lutz to Martha Giles for $8,940 for property.

-DR Horton Inc Birmingham to Sally Montgomery for $197,525 for Lot 88 of Polo Crossings sector III.

-James Clayton to William Martin for $10,500 for property.

-Laura Grills, Lisa Sims, and Margaret Holcomb to Debra Short for $159,900 for Lot 177 of Cedar Grove at Sterling Gate sector II phase VII.

-Rebecca Mims to James and Becky Howard for $158,000 for Lot 23 of Sterling Gate sector I.

-Joshua McDaniel to Justin Womack and Katherine Wilson for $135,000 for property.

-Robert and Katherine Griffitts to Evan Agnew and Carina Herz for $219,900 for Lot 302 of Hillsboro phase II.


Feb. 7

-Home Pros LLC to Robert and Ashley Dunson for $289,000 for Lot 20 of Norwick Forest III sector II phase.

-Paul and Catherine Johnson to Connor and Melissa Portwood for $201,500 for Lot 21 of Amberley Woods I sector.

-William Plott and Nancy Wilstach to Hector Parra and Alma Brambila for $55,000 for Lot 1-3 of George A Nabors Subdivision.

-Omega Realty Holdings II LLC to CS Equity Partners LLC for $97,500 for Lot 10 of Canyon Park Townhomes.

-Taylor Reed and Christopher Greene to Kevin Klein for $161,420 for Lot 165 of Chandalar South III sector.

-Deborah and James Watts to Cooper and Perry Phillips for $35,000 for Lot A_C of Uncle Buds Place Part II.

-Suzanne Reece to Trey Shelton and Ashli Eckert for $142,500 for Lot 3-12 of Chelsea Park III sector.

-Devin Winterberger and Carole Schaefer for $59,000 for Lot 1 of WIndhover a Condominium.

-Amanda Griffith and Lane Castle for $106,000 for Lot 49 of Shiloh Creek sector I.

-Alexander and Geneva Limbaugh to Joshua and Summer Sanders for $192,000 for Lot 16 of Autumn Ridge.

-Bethany Slaughter to Mark and Robin Schlosser for $144,500 for Lot 217 of Village at Polo Crossings sector I.

-Joseph Demaras to Gregory Holdings LLC for $146,000 for Lot 50 Meadow Brook VI sector.

-Michael Yarbrough to Brandon and Denise Carden for $171,400 for Lot 44 of Hidden Forest.

-Brock Point Partners LLC to Jeffrey and Marlyn Butler for $577,000 for Lot 5 of Brock Point phase IA.

-Roany Lackey to Patricia Broussard for $120,000 for Lot 20 of Old Town Helena.

-Dionisio and Maria Rivera to Rafael Perez for $1,800 for property.


Feb. 8

-Michael and Staci Gammel to Michael and Staci Gammell for $280,400 for Lot 15 of Riverchase Country Club II addition phase II.

-Billi Atkinson to Billie Atkinson and Tara Baldwin for $17,920 for Lot 336 of Weatherly Wixford Moore.

-Keystone VI Homes Holdings LLC to Mupr III Assets LLC for $155,705 for Lot 33 of Lenox Place phase I.

-Kenneth Powers to Kenneth and Tina Powers for $178,000 for Lot 525 of Eagle Point V sector.

-Leon and Marjorie Archer to Billy and Karen Scurlock for $51,000 for property.

-Yevette Trussell and Marlene Lee to Russell and Catherine Realmuto for $44,000 for Lot 2 of Trussels.

-Keith and Martha Rogers to Rachel Holt for $204,900 for Lot 459 of Forest Lakes sector V.

-Korlisha Jackson to Amber Hoffman for $113,000 for Lot38 of Chandalar Townhomes I addition.


Feb. 9

-Lawanda Williams to HMME Developments Inc for $142,000 for Lot 52 of Kinsale Gardens HomesII sector.

-David and Margaret McMichael to David McMichael for $10,000 for Lot 25 of High Chaparral sector III.

-Vivian Hearn to Vivian and Carey Hearn for $192,500 for Lot 1-2 of Pelham Industrial Court.

-Vanesa Roberson to Jonathan and Casie Serviss for $149,900 for Lot 26 of Daventry sector II phase III.

-Betty Rasberry to Vanessa Roberson for $130,000 for Lot 2of Wildewood Village II addisiotn.

-SB Dev Corp to Brock Point Partners LLC for $113,500 for Lot 54 of Brock Point phase IB.

-Daniel and Ashley Allison to Daniel and Ashley Allison for $98,200 for Lot 92 of Narrows Point phase III.

-Michael and Hannelore Morton and Richard Lucas to Richard Lucas and Deborah Agerton for $360,000 for Lot 180 of Weatherly sector II phase I.

-Brian Cespedes and Kathryn Stanton to Kevin Hill and Montes Zenjejas and Alvina Montes for $280,000 for Lot 23 of Oak Park Highlands sector III.

-Newcastle Development LLC to Newcastle Construction INC for $90,000 for Lot A-22 of Griffin Park at Eagle Point sector I phase I.

-Newcastle Development LLC to Newcastle Construction INC for $90,000 for Lot A-24 of Griffin Park at Eagle Point sector I phase I.

-Sandra Weatherly to Kenneth Morrison for $315,000 for Lot 236 of Creekside phase II.

-SB Dev Corp to Justin and Sara Licata for $362,400 for Lot 2052 of Glen Iris at Kilkerran phase III.

-Emily Nibler to Lochwood Properties LLC for $80,000 for Lot 55 of Scottsdale III addition phase II.