New health club focuses on ‘quest for longevity’

Published 3:08 pm Monday, February 26, 2018

HOOVER – A new health club off U.S. 280 offers a cutting-edge approach to fitness including fast-paced workouts and a range of therapies from salt booth to infrared sauna.

Owner Larry Gurney opened Quevity after having worked in the health and fitness industry for about 35 years, including as former president of 24 Hour Fitness.

He said he has seen many trends, including businesses focusing on a high-volume, low-price model with big-box clubs, then group training and functional training, which incorporates movements people use in their everyday lives—concepts he wanted to implement at his new club.

The name, Quevity, comes from “the quest for longevity,” which he believes can be realized through a solid plan achieved through consistency and discipline.

New members will work with lifestyle advisers to design a custom Lifestyle Plan, which includes baselines for blood pressure, body fat percentage, core strength, cardio strength and movement efficiency, and then set four-month goals for improvement.

“We feel that most people need some way to hold themselves accountable,” Gurney said.

The lifestyle advisers also encourage their clients to make better health choices, including nutritious meals, getting enough sleep and reducing stress.

“By the time someone gets to a one-year anniversary, not only are they looking better, feeling better, but they’re in the mindset of this lifestyle isn’t that hard,” Gurney said.

Quevity opened in December 2017 in the Village at Lee Branch. The space formerly housed a Christian bookstore.

Gurney said the 10,000 square feet of space was filled quickly during the planning process.

“We had our wish list of spaces and amenities we wanted in the store, but as we were laying it out, we needed consult space where we would meet with clients,”

So, Gurney decided on a mezzanine that offers seating and an overhead view of the gym.

The Hoover location is the first for Gurney’s new concept of a holistic approach to full-body wellness for people of all ages.

Quevity offers more than 100 small group classes per week, and Phit 360 and 9-N-NINE programs.

Phit 360 is a 30- to 45-minute circuit class designed to maximize a workout with creative functional movements for full-body engagement. The circuit includes 12 stations, and a coach demonstrates the movements at the start.

9-N-NINE is an express workout that takes less than 20 minutes for a full-body workout, along with stretching and warming up, using a nine-station Nautilus One Circuit.

“Part of our program had to be to design workouts around not taking so long,” Gurney said.

Personal training sessions are also available at 30 minutes each.

“If someone is really training you the way they should be training you, in 30 minutes, you’re getting a workout,” Gurney said.

Quevity also offers a smoothie bar and a range of therapies including infrared sauna, salt room, salt booth, Solajet massage, Soltec relaxation, BEMER and Color, Light, Aroma and Sound therapy.

The club is still offering a grand opening special, with memberships available for $49 a person per month.

Quevity is located at 220 Doug Baker Boulevard Suite 100. For more information, visit