Pelham mayor to serve as city’s interim human resources director

Published 4:51 pm Thursday, March 8, 2018

PELHAM – The Pelham City Council approved a resolution appointing Mayor Gary Waters as the city’s interim director of human resources at a meeting on Monday, March 5.

Waters said the move was done with the guidance of legal counsel. Councilman Ron Scott said the city is in the process of searching for someone to fill the position full-time. Waters will serve in the role until someone is hired for the position.

Council President Rick Hayes said it’s necessary for someone to serve in the role.

“This position is required for a number of reasons,” Hayes said. “Without this position things can’t happen. Mayor we appreciate you not only for offering but for appointing yourself to do this.”

Waters appointed himself to serve in the role without extra compensation.

“It’s simply been determined that at this time it’s not in our best interest for the city manager to be wearing both the human resources director hat and the city manager hat.”

During the meeting, Waters was also made an honorary Boy Scout by Barry Winn from Boy Scouts of America Troop 2. Winn said Waters has been a great supporter of the Troop for years.

“Several years ago, I went to him and said we needed a service project for the Cub Scouts at that time and he told us we could go to Pelham City Park and go pick up trash,” Winn said.

Sometime later, Winn said he went back to Waters looking for a good location to host the Troop’s annual Christmas tree sale. The tree sale was first held in the spot where the new Pelham Public Library sits, but now the event takes place at the old Valleydale Elementary. Winn said the Troop usually sells all of its 200 trees in about two weeks.

“Every time we have a problem we come to him and he says don’t worry about it, it’ll be taken care of,” Winn said.

Troop 2 presented Waters with a certificate of appreciation and a Boy Scout uniform. Waters said he accepted the certificate on behalf of himself as well as the City Council, because the council empowers him to help.

In other business, the council:

-Approved Ordinance 135-216, which changes the present zoning of property located on Shelby County 11 from A-1 Agriculture District to R-G Residential Garden Home. The property is owned by Highpointe Properties, LLC.

-Approved a roughly $24,000 construction change order for Taylor-Miree related to the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena.

-Accepted the lowest responsive bid from Goldman Contractors, Inc. for pump replacement project at Lift Station K.

-Approved a request from Verizon Wireless for modifications to the telecommunications facilities located at 2030 Valleydale Terrace.

– Approved a request from Sprint for modifications to two telecommunications facilities located at 1655 Morgan Park Road and 2794-A Pelham Parkway.

-Approved the dedication of street lights and right-of-ways in the Keeneland Valley subdivision.

-Declared three vehicles that are no longer needs for public or municipal purposes as surplus to be auctioned off.

-Approved revisions to the city’s Classification Pay Plan.

-Approved a construction change order related to a natural gas mainline installation for the new public library.