Who are ACS’ Nationally Board-Certified teachers?

Published 11:04 am Tuesday, March 13, 2018

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – When Alabaster City Schools formed nearly five years ago, it had six teachers who had earned National Board Certification. Today, the number is significantly higher.

“When we started our school system in 2013, we had six teachers who were Nationally Board Certified,” said ACS Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers. “We are adding 15 to that today to put our total right at 21. I think that is something to cheer about.”

Vickers and members of the city’s Board of Education honored all 21 teachers during a March 12 meeting, and thanked them for working to better the city’s schools.

Earning National Board Certification is a rigorous, multi-year process requiring teachers to write and analyze student work, film and critique their instruction technique, evaluate professional learning based on student performance and complete certain assessments specific to their area of teaching.

“Tonight, we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize what I consider one of the most prestigious certifications you can achieve,” Vickers said, noting ACS offers a supplement to teachers to help offset some of the expenses associated with going through the National Board Certification process. “To move from six to 21 over this time frame is wonderful.”

“It’s a thorough analysis of everything you do in the classroom,” said School Board member Linda Church. “You’ve got to do a lot of hard work to earn it.”

The following ACS teachers have earned National Board Certification:

-Shannon Acker

-April Atkins

-Kim Bice

-Beverly Brister

-Stephanie Cochran

-Tracy Cox

-Melissa Foster

-Maggie Galamore

-Lynda Glass

-Christi King

-Valerie Matson

-Nicole Naro

-Donna Ott

-Stephanie Reynolds

-Brittney Roberson

-Amanda Rodriguez

-Amy Thames

-Christina Walsh

-Kim Watson

-Shana Webb

-Ashley Williamson