Pelham Oaks students learn about careers

Published 11:44 am Tuesday, March 20, 2018

PELHAM – As students made their way to the parking lot of Pelham Oaks Elementary School on Friday, March 16, their eyes lit up as they pointed and squealed in excitement. Kindergarten and first grade students got to explore various career paths at the school’s Careers on Wheels event.

The hands-on experience exposed the students to careers that use trucks and cars in their daily work. Among the types of vehicles showcased at the event were a Regional Paramedical Services ambulance, a Pelham Fire Department fire truck, a Pelham police car, a National Guard Humvee and an Alabama Power vehicle. Representatives from each profession were there to teach students a little bit about what they do.

The students could hardly contain their excitement as they climbed into the vehicles to check them out. Pelham City Schools career coach Katie Cardwell said the event was created to educate kids about what jobs are out there.

“They’re so young right now so we really just wanted to make it fun and get them excited about the different career possibilities,” she said. “They got to ask questions and see what the inside of these vehicles look like. It was the highlight of their day.”

The students traveled in groups to each vehicle and spent 5-10 minutes learning about each career before moving on to the next.

School counselor Kay McRae said a part of the standards for kindergarten and first grade students include addressing careers.

“Having actual vehicles here that they can touch and see is a lot more impactful and memorable than a lesson in the classroom,” she said.

Pelham Oaks Principal Deberah Miller said each of the professionals did a wonderful job explaining their jobs to the students.

“They explained everything from their tools and equipment and demonstrations of how the equipment works,” Miller said. “We can read to them and show them pictures but it just doesn’t have the same impression as hands on experiences.”

Cardwell, McRae and thanked all of the professionals who took time out of their day to attend the event.

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