Chelsea votes in favor of local sewer appraisal

Published 3:15 pm Wednesday, March 21, 2018

CHELSEA – The Chelsea City Council passed a resolution concerning sewer systems in the area at a regularly scheduled council meeting on Tuesday, March 21.

Council members unanimously voted in favor of a resolution for the city to contract with In-Site Engineering, LLC, for an appraisal of wastewater and sanitary sewer assets, which are currently operated by Double Oak Water Reclamation.

The resolution stated that the city is looking at the possibility of owning and operating a municipal sewer system, and the appraisal will bring them closer to that goal.

“Conducting a proper appraisal is a necessary step to acquiring said utility through condemnation or negotiation,” the resolution read.

According to the resolution, the appraisal will also cover assets that are outside of the city limits.

“Due to the layout of said sewer system, and for purposes of potential acquisition via condemnation or negotiation, the appraisal must include assets of that sewer system that are outside of the city of Chelsea, albeit connected to or conjoined with those sewer system assets within the city of Chelsea city limits,” the resolution read.

Mayor Tony Picklesimer said city officials have received feedback from the public in favor of a city-owned sewer system.

Picklesimer said many residents believe each household should be billed based on its individual water usage, rather than being charged a flat rate each month.

“There’s been a lot of displeasure at our sewer rates,” Picklesimer said.

According to Picklesimer, the appraisal will cost the city $75,000.