CVES second-graders honor their heroes

Published 11:45 am Wednesday, March 21, 2018


By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – Everyone from school nurses to information technology professionals earned the spotlight at Creek View Elementary School on the morning of March 21, as the school’s second-graders honored their heroes through the Liberty Learning Foundation’s Super Citizens Program.

Over the past several weeks, the students have been completing the program by learning the history behind America’s freedoms, and selecting local heroes to honor during the March 21 ceremony.

“Today, you are becoming super citizens,” said Kristen Sharp with the Liberty Learning Foundation. “But most importantly, you learned to take pride in yourselves and pride in your community.

“Today, we get to show great appreciation to our heroes,” Sharp added. “We believe at the Liberty Learning Foundation that when you honor a hero, you become a hero.”

Each CVES second-grade class chose a local hero to honor during the ceremony, and awarded the recipients with a Statue of Liberty torch pin and an Alabama bicentennial memento.

The classes honored the following local heroes:


-Brittney Roberson’s class honored Creek View special education teacher Erin Brunson.

-Suzanne Douglas’ class honored CVES nurse Jenn Smith

-Jannel Clark’s class honored CVES English language learner teacher Zulma Vargas

-Misty Grilo’s class honored Creek View special education teacher Sarah Kendrick

-Stephanie Cochran’s class honored Alabaster City School information technology specialist Carl Allen

-Cristyn Simmons’ class honored Creek View music teacher Ann Coe

-Nicole Williams’ class honored Creek View school resource officer Joshua White

-Janet  McKay’s class honored CVES gifted teacher Melissa Foster

-Jennifer Edmonds’ class honored ACS bus driver Katrina Justice

-Amie Gordon’s class honored CVES STEAM lab teacher Christina Logan

-Kathy Oliver’s class honored CVES library employee Terri Pigan

-Judi Roberson’s class honored CVES counselor Daniel Birdsong


Also during the ceremony, Haiden Hawkins, Lauren Garrett and Braylin Madison led the Pledge of Allegiance and Balkeley Boozer, Lily Phillips, Rylee Rodgers, Carlos Hernandez Zarate, Thaily Martinez, KeKe Mayhew, Chloe Seagraves, Breanna Castille and Cooper Southern led the “You in the USA song.”