Joe Starnes running in county probate judge election

Published 5:02 pm Friday, March 23, 2018

Local attorney and certified public accountant Joe Starnes is running for the office of Shelby County Probate Judge. Starnes is running as a Republican in the primary election on June 5.


“If elected, I will honor the office and seek to serve the people of Shelby County as you so justly deserve,” Starnes wrote in a press release.

Starnes said he is qualified for the office of probate judge through his 35 years of business and legal experience.

“I’m the best candidate for the job,” Starnes said. “I have a very eclectic resume, a very diverse skill set and the experience needed for the job.”

Starnes said he believes in individual rights and freedoms. If elected, he said he will focus on the property rights of residents by helping the probate court complete the digitization of its records.

“It will be one of my top priorities to make sure your digital records are safe and secure to ensure your legal rights to your land are preserved,” the press release read.

In eminent domain cases, in which the government “seeks to take an individual’s land for the public use,” Starnes said he would protect the rights of the landowner.

“I will pledge the landowner’s rights are protected in accordance with our constitution,” the press release read. “The probate judge plays an integral role in preserving our rights in land and, sometimes, in freedom itself.”

Starnes said, as probate judge, it would be his responsibility to maintain fair, open and honest elections in the county.

“The probate judge also certifies our election results,” Starnes said. “As a certified public accountant, I pledge those election counts and results will be fair, impartial and accurate.”

Starnes also said he would especially enjoy working with parents who are looking to adopt.

“I love the idea of helping to build a family,” Starnes said.

For more information about Starnes’ campaign, visit the “Joe Starnes for Probate Judge” Facebook page.