Burnette Farms Market bringing sweetness to spring

Published 12:09 pm Monday, April 16, 2018

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“It’s been non-stop today,” Jenny Burnette said.

Burnette Farms Market has steady traffic. With spring break and Easter shopping, this day has been especially busy.

“Hello!” Mary Charles Burnette, Jenny’s mom, greets me as she finishes with a customer. “Come see our ice cream parlor.”

Excited to take some photos of the Burnette’s work-in-progress that’s sure to bring Pelham sweetness this spring, I followed Burnette to the ice cream area of Burnette Farms Market. Immediately, my eyes were drawn upwards to the quaint light fixtures.

“Jenny and I found some of the light fixtures online, but you’re looking at the Edison bulbs. Aren’t they cool? Someone setting up equipment told us about a place downtown where we could find these bulbs. They have a three-year warranty. I wonder what my parents would think of that purchase!”

Burnette tells me her parents have passed. She says that her dad built a log cabin after he retired and they ran a little barbecue place. The interior of this area has split log walls.

“And my mom always wanted an ice cream parlor,” Burnette says. Burnette Farms Market originates from Mike Burnette’s family farm, and this ice cream parlor might be a partial tribute to her parents. Burnette even reveals that she has a fashion merchandizing degree from Judson College. Does that explain the boutique on the other side of the market?

“Not really,” Burnette says modestly. “Jenny manages the boutique. She’s good at it—and I might stay home a day or two a week someday as hard as Jenny works. We sold CC Beanies at Christmas.”

But spring brings ice cream.

“We’re going to have homemade ice cream,” Burnette says, “And lots of flavors up front. We know a lady from Thorsby that owned a bakery. She’ll work part-time keeping our baker’s rack stocked with pies and cobblers. We’re excited to see how everyone likes this addition.”

Prepare for sweetness, Pelham. Look for Burnette’s Ice Cream Parlor opening in May adjacent to Burnette Farms Market on Helena Road in Pelham.