Inverness Elementary hosts Mother’s Day Tea

Published 9:33 pm Saturday, May 12, 2018

NORTH SHELBY – A Mother’s Day Tea at Inverness Elementary School on Thursday, May 10, taught lessons of respect and diversity.

“As moms, we work so hard, and you do so much for everyone else,” Kindergarten teacher Jan Renfro said. “It’s nice for someone to do something for you every now and then—that you didn’t have to do.”

Invitations to the tea were sent home with students, and many mothers attended the event at the school.

As they arrived, they were greeted at the door and escorted to a seat in the respective classrooms.

The students then presented their mothers with gifts they made, including painted portraits of their mothers, butterflies made from handprints, flower corsages made from coffee filters and a form that students filled out with information about their mothers, such as how old they are and what they love.

The mothers were treated to muffins, donuts, drinks and other treats, while instrumental music played in the background.

About 140 kindergarten students participated in the event.

When asked what part of the day the children enjoyed the most, they had different responses.

“Getting her a drink.” “I got to spend time with my mom.” “I love when she takes me to the bus.” “Showing my mom the pictures of the butterfly.”

Like the school as a whole, Renfro’s class is diverse, with eight children with international heritages, including Korea, Vietnam, India, Mexico and Puerto Rico, ESL teacher Kiffany Gebhardt said.

“All of these countries celebrate Mother’s Day in their own way,” Gebhardt said. “Every country, it’s the same language: We all love our mothers.”

Renfro, in her fourth year teaching kindergarten at Inverness Elementary School, said the Mother’s Day Tea serves to build community and strengthen families.

“It’s an Inverness tradition,” Renfro said. “Inverness is a family place.”