Students keep ‘creativity fresh’ at HES art camp

Published 1:57 pm Monday, June 4, 2018

By Brady Talbert / Staff Writer

HELENA – A local art camp is allowing students to express themselves with a variety of art styles and receive hands-on learning.

Instructor Adam Short explained, “We know they (children) will be in front of an iPad” during the summer, but by providing this art class, kids can keep their “creativity fresh.” He said classes like these assist in maintaining fine motor skills, which can be used the upcoming school year. By providing a creative outlet, Short believes children can keep their hands and eyes lively and get some creative juices flowing.

The art course is focusing on mixed media art, which is a technique that deals with combining different art styles. Short said the artform is typically taught in middle school and high school level classes, but summer courses allow time to “go in depth” and learn more about these upper level styles. During the school day, Short’s classes are limited by time but working in the summer provides an abundance of it, meaning students don’t have to “breakdown a project week by week.”

“Summer Art with Mr. Adam” is offered June 4 though June 8, then again July 9 through the 13. Times range from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. or noon till 3 p.m. Classes are $75 a week and are limited to 15 to 18 students. In order to participate, students must be registered with Community Education. For more information, contact