Pottery classes open at Griceart Studios

Published 12:51 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2018

ALABASTER – Alabaster local Nelson Grice first established Griceart Studio out of his residence last February and has been holding several small pottery classes ever since.

Grice said his basement has been renovated to become a full studio, with four potter’s wheels, a kiln and a slab roller.

According to Grice, classes are open to anyone, and range from beginner to advanced levels. He said he teaches hand-building classes, which involve making objects out of slabs of clay and pinch pottery, and wheel throwing classes.

“I talk to people who say ‘I’m not artistic.’ These are things that anybody can do,” Grice said. “It’s not as much about the product as it is about the process. People love to put their hands in the clay. It’s therapeutic.”

For some, Grice said the classes serve as a distraction from the stressors and demands of daily life.

“It’s like playtime for adults,” Grice said. “It’s a break from the monotony of things.”

Grice also said the classes serve as a place to meet new friends and form relationships.

“One thing about these classes is I’ve found that people come because they want to hang out with other people,” Grice said. “It’s a chance to come and visit.”

Grice noted that pottery is one of the earliest forms of art in human history, and archaeologists use pottery and other relics made out of clay as a way of studying ancient cultures.

“Clay work is probably the most primitive art form in the history of our species,” Grice said. “You can just kind of connect with something so much deeper and more primitive.”

Hopefully, Grice said he will be able to use the classes as a transition to retirement from his teaching job at Hoover High School, where he’s worked for about 22 years.

Grice has over 30 years of experience with pottery, and received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and Master’s degree in education from the University of Montevallo. When the Shelby County Arts Center opens in 2019, Grice will be an instructor in its metal arts studio.

Currently, Grice said registration for classes is currently open and space is limited. Occasionally, Grice said he also holds classes for kids and is considering opening the studio up for kids parties.

For more information about Griceart Studios or class registration, contact Grice through the “Griceart Studio” Facebook page.