Students grow ‘egg-static’ about STEAM camp

Published 3:44 pm Wednesday, June 20, 2018

By Brady Talbert / Staff Writer

HELENA While the children at Helena Elementary’s STEAM Camp may not have gotten the “egg-sact” results they were hoping for, they did receive “hands on experimentation” according to teacher Heather Posey.

On Monday, June 18, HES began hosting a science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics camp, also know as STEAM Camp. The weeklong camp provided “further exploration” of topics and, unlike the typical school day, wasn’t limited by time, said Posey.

The experience allowed camp-goers to work at their own pace and do some “more adventurous” experiments. From creating cars powered by the air pressure within a balloon to crafting containers able to prevent a falling egg from cracking, the children had the chance to question the world around them and draw conclusions.

Kennedy Baldwin, a student going into the third grade, said after “we drew it out,” her egg protection experiment didn’t go as expected. Her egg was protected by a combination of elements, the main ones being a box filled with feathers and construction paper. It’s “called overdoing it,” she said.

“If it doesn’t work,” Posey said she wanted the kids to ask “why?” The experiments from this week had a focus on persistence and “trying,” as the teachers tried to instill a motive to learn more within each child.

The camp will be in action until Friday, June 22. On Thursday camp-goers will experiment with catapults and will round out the week with “water day.” For more information, contact Posey at or Pam Clay at