Pelham superintendent evaluated by school board

Published 1:49 pm Thursday, June 28, 2018

PELHAM – Members of the Pelham Board of Education gave Superintendent Dr. Scott Coefield rave reviews during a meeting on Monday, June 25.

The board praised Coefield during a review of his evaluation, on which he received high scores in each area. Board president Rick Rhoades said Coefield’s scores reflect the good job he’s done as superintendent.

“He took a school system that had been a part of a county school system for years and made it independent,” board member Paul Howell added. “We couldn’t have done a better job with selecting a superintendent.”

Board member Sharon Samuel said Coefield “does a good job explaining and re-explaining” information that is reviewed or requires a board vote.

“He will provide as many iterations as possible to make sure that everyone has a complete understanding of the topic,” she said.

Coefield was evaluated and received a score in 42 different areas. His composite score for all 42 areas is a 4.85. He was graded on a scale from 1-5, with one being poor, three being average and five being excellent.

As CEO of the school board, Coefield earned a composite score of 4.96. In this category, Coefield was graded on his ability to implement the policies of the school board; perform duties as CEO as prescribed by law; report the status of programs, personnel and operations to the school board; serve as a liaison between the school board and school personnel; and inform the board about the rules and regulations of the Alabama Board of Education, state and federal laws and current trends in education.

In the area of educational leadership of schools, Coefield earned a composite score of 4.76. He was evaluated on his ability to provide supervision, evaluation and professional growth for all personnel; supervise the planning, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and instruction; communicate the system’s vision/mission to staff, students and parents/guardians; establish goals for student achievement; and demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making skills.

When it comes to facilities management, Coefield scored a 4.85. He was evaluated on his capacity to prepare long-range and short-range plans for facilities and sites; ensure maintenance and protection of school property; ensure safety of personnel; and monitor construction, renovation and demolition of school facilities.

For financial management, he earned a 4.83. Coefield earned high marks for his ability to secure sufficient funding for the school system; prepare the annual budget, ensure that expenditures are within the limits approved by the school board; ensure compliance with federal and state laws and procedures; maintain a current fixed assets inventory; and provide for the establishment of procedures for procurement and fixed assets control of equipment and supplies.

In the area of management of pupil services, he scored a 5. In this area, he was evaluated on his ability to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for pupil services, such as transportation, food services and guidance; ensure that an accurate and comprehensive student record system is implemented; and implement policies and programs relating to student behavior and discipline.

When it comes to personnel management, Coefield earned a composite score of 4.87. He received a composite score of 4.65 in the area of communication and interpersonal relations; a 4.73 in the area of community relations; a 5 for professional development and leadership; and a 4.96 for professional responsibilities, which includes things like implementing federal, state and local policies, laws and procedures and selecting the appropriate channels for communication, resolving concerns/problems and performing duties in an effective manner.