Are you a descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier?

Published 9:55 am Monday, July 9, 2018

By PHOEBE DONALD ROBINSON / Special to the Reporter

Are you a descendant of Revolutionary War soldier and Shelby County pioneer David Lindsay? The David Lindsay Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is searching for you to invite you to the Alabama Bicentennial Celebration honoring the descendants of David and Mary Casey Lindsay. The event will celebrate the renovation and marking of the David Lindsay Historical Cemetery on Shelby County 17 in Maylene and will be held at American Village on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 2 p.m.

Lindsay was born circa 1745 in Pennsylvania. He served as a private with the Captain Robert Millar’s Company in the Washington County, Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolutionary War. He married Mary Casey and migrated to Alabama before statehood, where he settled with his family in Shelby County. Lindsay is listed in the 1820 census, one of the earliest families in Shelby County.

David and Mary Lindsay had 15 children, listed with their spouses: Rachel (William Lovelady); John (Elizabeth West & Malinda Pondergrass); Hulda (Richard Crowson); Rebecca (David Fulton); James (Martha Tarrance Moore); Betsey (Joseph Hale); Elijah (Polly Harrison); Mary Ann (Patrick Smith); Thomas (Elizabeth); Lydia (Isaac Skillman and John Canterberry); Joseph (Vina Landman); Jake; David (Martha Susan Crouch); Sally and James. The children were listed in the David Lindsay Estate settlement papers dated March 18, 1837 in Shelby County, Alabama.

Lindsay’s descendants recently met discussing their lines. If you notice a familiar name in your family line, you could be a descendant.

Scott Martin’s father is Jim Martin, grandmother Alice Massey Martin, great grandfather Charles Jordan Massey, second great grandmother Elizabeth Bailey Massey, 3rd great grandmother Elizabeth Hail Bailey, fourth great grandmother Elizabeth (Betsey) Lindsay Hail (Joseph) and fifth great grandfather David Lindsay.

Marsha Garrett McCaig’s father is William Earl Garrett, grandfather Dewey Hobson Garrett, great grandmother Mary Lethia Butler Garrett, second great grandmother Martha Caroline Naish Butler, third great grandmother Elinor Nell Lindsay Naish, fourth great grandfather Elijah Lindsay (Polly) and fifth great grandfather David Lindsay.

Jenny Bartlett’s father is Thomas Bole, grandmother Mary “Kathleen” Coe, great grandfather Clifford Coe, second great grandmother Carrie Essman, third great grandmother Martha Fulton, fourth great grandmother Rebecca Lindsay Fulton (David) and fifth great grandfather David Lindsay

Holt Seales father is Mike Seales, grandfather Bobby Joe Seales, great grandmother Naomi Massey Seales, second great grandmother Martha Jane Stamps Massey; third great grandmother Rebecca Essman Stamps, fourth great grandmother Martha Fulton Essman, fifth great grandmother Rebecca Lindsay Fulton (David) and sixth great grandfather David Lindsay.

Audra White’s father is Terry Davis; grandfather Ellis Lee Davis; great grandmother Lessie Brasher Davis (Jessie); third great grandmother Sarah Hale Davis (Joshua), fourth great grandmother Betsey Lindsay Hale (Joseph) and fifth great grandfather David Lindsay.

If you think you are descended from this Shelby County pioneer family, David Lindsay, please contact Regent Audra White, David Lindsay Chapter  NSDAR, at, go to Facebook Page Descendants of David and Mary Casey Lindsay and “like”, and “join” Descendants Group