Even more participate in WinShape camp’s fourth year

Published 11:31 am Monday, July 23, 2018

MT LAUREL – The WinShape Camp hosted by Double Oak Community Church has grown each year, this year to include 377 campers for a week full of fun and faith.

WinShape, an Atlanta-based camp program established in 1985, was held at the church from July 16-20.

The program includes 11 different teams traveling to more than 100 different communities across the country and partnering with local churches like Double Oak, Camp Director Emily Peters said.

The camp presents an opportunity for children and their families to interact with churches, Peters said.

Campers have a lot of fun, but they also spend much of their time in worship services and small group studies.

The theme for the camp was “The Shepherd,” Peters said, based on Psalm 23.

“We exist to touch communities with the message of Jesus Christ,” Peters said.

Activities children can sign up for change each year to keep things interesting, Double Oak Children’s Minister Sandy Stephenson said, but some aspects of the camp remain the same.

“The kids know what they like to do,” Stephenson said during the camp’s fourth year at the church. “The leaders make it fun too.”

Parents are invited to attend for the last day of the camp, Friday Family Fun Day, which features a chance to see what the campers have been doing and also enjoy free Chick-fil-A provided by the Greystone location.

Campers ranged from those attending for the first time, such as 7-year-old Mary Jo Mantooth, to those there for the fourth year, such as Webb Harper and Molly McLemore.

Mantooth said she enjoyed the “Secret Ops” activity she participated in, while Harper, 12, said he was excited about the “Triangulation” game that concludes each camp.

“There are people everywhere, and everybody is trying to win,” said Harper, who added that his team won one year.

McLemore, 13, said she enjoyed “just being around the crew, and how they get people hyped up.”

A team of 60 volunteers helps with meals, laundry activities and more.

Double Oak was the seventh of nine stops for the team that held the WinShape camp, and Stephenson said the leaders had the program down pat.

“We get the benefit of the experience,” Stephenson said.

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