Parents help students adjust on first day of school at Riverchase Elementary

Published 10:44 am Thursday, August 9, 2018

HOOVER – The first day of school can be a trying time for students, teachers and administrators, but a strong support network can help.

At Riverchase Elementary School on Wednesday, Aug. 8, a team of about 25 Parent Teacher Organization members were present to help with everything from greeting students as they arrived and showing them where to go, to helping through the lunch line and open their milk cartons.

“What (Principal Alice) Turney needs, we’re here to do,” said PTO President Lucas Dorion, who has a fourth grader at RES. “A lot of it is helping folks find a way to get connected.”

After parents dropped off their children at school on the first day, the PTO invited them to a Yahoo/Boohoo Reception at Riverchase Country Club for breakfast items.

Beckett Schroeder and Madison Viers, two kindergarteners in Rose Ann Moran’s class, said their day was off to a good start, including reading time and visits to the art room and gymnasium.

“I was excited to play with my new friends,” Viers said.

“I was excited to play on the playground,” Schroeder added.

Though her students may have been anxious about the school year, Moran has experience with 21 previous first days.

“It’s always exciting, but everyone is always a little nervous,” she said.

Moran recalled her favorite memory from a first day of school: She once pulled out a vinyl record to play music and a student exclaimed, “That’s the biggest CD I’ve ever seen!”

Kelly Grande said her first graders are somewhat more prepared for the first day.

“They remember a lot of the routine from last year, which is good,” Grande said.

Kinslee Russell said she was happy to be in first grade for a number of reasons but one in particular.

“I didn’t want to be stuck in kindergarten my whole life,” Russell said.