Marijuana plants found growing along Pelham road

Published 3:39 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

PELHAM – Marijuana plants found growing along a right of way in Pelham will be “safely destroyed,” said Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force Commander Clay Hammac.

The SCDETF is a multijurisdictional task force comprised of several law enforcement agencies throughout the county. Whenever an agency comes in contact with a narcotics crime, they contact the task force and the case is handed over to the SCDETF.

Hammac said the city of Pelham’s Street Department found the plants growing along the right of way of a road. The Street Department contacted the Pelham Police Department and the PPD handed the case over to the SCDETF.

Hammac posted photos of the plants on the SCDETF Facebook page, which drew comments from residents advocating for the legalization of marijuana. Many commenters argued that the drug is harmless.

“It was posted to bring awareness to the community,” Hammac said. “Yes, this does happen in our own backyard. I want parents to know that we’re not immune to drug use. If all this does is spark a conversation at the dinner table then I consider that a win.”

Hammac said he “wholeheartedly disagrees” with the argument that marijuana isn’t harmful. It’s a gateway drug, he said.

“We shouldn’t try to justify the use of if it by saying that caffeine and alcohol are both addictive and legal,” Hammac said. “We will not shy away from sharing truth and information about marijuana.”