September dubbed GYN Cancer Awareness Month in Pelham

Published 11:19 am Tuesday, August 28, 2018

PELHAM – Mayor Gary Waters proclaimed September to be Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month at the City Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 20.

“Gynecologic (GYN) cancers are among the leading cancer killers of women in the United States,” reads the mayor’s proclamation. “More than 107,000 women will be diagnosed, and more than 31,000 women will die from these diseases this year and the absence they leave in our hearts will be deeply felt forever.”

The Laura Crandall Brown Foundation and their “A State of Teal” initiative brings awareness to all gynecologic cancers to people throughout Alabama.

“It is also crucial that all women in the state and the city of Pelham take an active role in learning the symptoms and risk factors associated with GYN cancers, developing healthy habits and undergoing regular medical examinations so that any occurrence of these diseases may be detected in their early and treatable stages,” the document states.

Ovarian cancer survivor of almost four years, Tammy Anderson, shared her family’s story dealing with cancer and urged women to take an active role in ensuring their health.

“My mother had ovarian cancer and passed away almost 12 years ago,” Anderson said. “I have the gene for it so I was predisposed to develop cancer. One of the reasons I do what I do is because I have a daughter and I am nervous that she may also be predisposed, so I would like to help fund research and raise awareness about GYN cancers.”

Even though her mother died of ovarian cancer, Anderson said she was blind to the symptoms and didn’t realize she had cancer.

“I was diagnosed with something else to begin with and I persisted and asked questions and found out that I actually had ovarian cancer,” she said. “To the men, if you have a wife or a daughter in your life make sure they stay vigilant. Sometimes GYN cancers are diagnosed as gastrointestinal issues, which is what happened with me.”

In other business, the council:

-Approved an ABC license application for Ooka Sushi Hibachi Restaurant Inc., operating under the trade name Ooka Chinese Japanese Restaurant.

-Approved a resolution accepting the dedication of certain street(s) and right-of-ways located in the Big Mountain Center.

– Approved a resolution accepting the dedication of certain street(s) and right-of-ways located in the Grey Oaks subdivision.

-Approved a request by T-Mobile for modifications to an existing telecommunications facility located at 5050 Beabout Drive.

-Approved an extension of the Special Use Permit for the modification of equipment on the existing facility located at 2030 Valleydale Terrace.

-Approved a lease agreement between the Pelham Civic Complex and Ice Arena and the University of Alabama.

-Conducted the first reading of an ordinance to adopt the 2015 International Residential Code, International Building Code and the 2015 International Fire Code for the city of Pelham.