Spain Park students’ art to be displayed in new UAB clinic

Published 4:54 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

HOOVER – Spain Park High School art students have been offered the rare opportunity to have their work displayed permanently and prominently in a public space.

Students from several art classes at SPHS donated various pieces of work to UAB to be displayed in a research clinic that opened Oct. 1 in downtown Birmingham.

The artwork will be displayed in the waiting areas and exam rooms of the new clinic.

The pieces were presented to the clinic’s director, Ildiko Nyikos, on Monday, Sept. 24, at the school.

Spain Park visual arts teacher Jennifer Baker said UAB reached out to the school about its interest in donating artwork, and officials thought it would be a good experience for students.

SPHS sophomore Tahj Peeples said he donated two pieces—one a still life of a picnic scene and one line art piece—that he created last year while at Hoover High School.

“It’s cool to know your work is being displayed like that,” Peeples said.

Senior Lauren Choi, meanwhile, donated several ink drawings of ballerinas after students were told they could donate as many as they were willing to give.

“I liked them, and I thought they would look nice in the building,” Choi said. “This is a pretty rare opportunity, especially for a high school student, for your work to be exhibited permanently.”

The donated pieces, about 30 altogether, also included drawings, abstract color portraits, paintings and photographs, said Baker, who was joined in the effort by other SPHS art teachers Cindy Childers, Shane Cooley and Gene Ferreiro.

“It was a wide assortment,” Baker said.