Homecoming at Vincent Middle High School

Published 4:55 pm Monday, October 8, 2018

By KATHY COPELAND / Community Columnist

It seems like school just started, yet it’s homecoming.

Homecoming celebrations are held around the country in high schools, colleges and churches.

It’s a long-standing tradition where alumni and others associated come home to celebrate a common bond.

At VMHS this tradition and its celebration are the top.

School spirit is captured in a multitude of activities that take place the entire week of Homecoming, and weeks prior, there are activities to generate funds to help pay for the festivities.

Once people leave high school and start working and making money, and then have a family and other interests, it’s easy to forget or maybe just not realize there are expenses that go into creating this school spirited week of excitement and memories.

This community is loyal in their support.

Last week the school held a student/teacher dodge ball competition to raise funds.

Beyond making a little money, the game generated a healthy and positive energy among the students as they battled with the teachers.

Competition doesn’t end with dodge ball.

There is a friendly but competitive student/teacher volleyball challenge scheduled.

The week of homecoming is filled with a variety of competitions.

There is the class Olympics, where each class gets points for their participation in different activities like dress-up competitions with a designated theme each day.

For example, one day is “Slumber Party Day,” and everyone gets to wear pajamas to school.

This is not just a student participation event; the teachers go all in on this as well.

This is what makes homecoming so special. It’s the memories it creates. It’s the joy in the hearts of the students, teachers and other faculty that is generated when everyone is engaging in a joint celebration of a place where they go daily to learn and grow. It’s the positive interactions and energy of a week like homecoming that bring alumni back to see those they grew to love during their journey.

In Vincent, homecoming is on the community calendar. The Powder Puff game where the 9-12th grade girls play football and the boys cheer is always a fun evening (Sept. 27 at 6 p.m.) that ends with a bonfire.

On game day Friday, the parade literally stops traffic. Spectators start marking their spot hours before the police car escort begins easing away from the school toward downtown.  The parade is serious business.

The elementary school lets out early so the kids can take part in the fun. They are the real reason everyone in the parade is armed with bags of candy.

It literally rains candy the entire way down the parade route.

Between the adults elbowing for picture-taking opportunities and children scrambling for candy, the bands drums and the fire engine sirens, it is sure to be a beautiful, chaotic afternoon.

Vincent may be looked upon as a small school, but the school spirit is mighty. “Vincent Strong.” All are welcome to catch the spirit.