Former Magnolia Manor historic home sells in Helena

Published 5:54 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2018

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA – A well-known historic Helena home that has existed since the late 1800s serving as the home of M.C. Davidson, and most recently Magnolia Springs Manor has been sold.

The two-story home located at 129 1st Ave. West in Helena is one of, if not the oldest house in Helena that was constructed somewhere around 1877 and is listed in the National Register of Historical Places and the Alabama Historical Commission.

According to the National Register of Historical Places, when built the home featured “Two-story weatherboard Neoclassical Revival style house with a hip roof, central double veranda with pairs of full height square wood posts on the ends, very decorative wood rail on the second-floor balcony and a flat roof.”

Other features of the home include a circa 1940s two-story right-side wing with a hip roof and double hung windows that is set back from the front, and a one-story porch on the left side with a very decorative balustrade that matches the balcony rail. There are double hungwood windows, two

decorative brick chimneys, and a brick foundation. The house is set back from the street on a hilly lot, with a professionally landscaped yard including a series of approximately eight concrete steps leading from the lower portion of the yard to the upper. There is also a simple driveway on the right side of the house that goes to the rear of the property.

This home survived the devastating tornado that ripped through Helena in 1933 and in the 2000s the home served as the main venue for the business Magnolia Springs Manor.

Through the 2000s, the Magnolia Springs Manor celebrated its fair share of nuptials on any given weekend.

After several years sitting vacant and on the market, the home was purchased by a private family on Oct. 18, who have plans to restore the home.

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